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    The Hateful Virago is the new champion monster that will appear in the Weald. You might have seen her on our Facebook and Twitter, but today we wanted to make sure she will be seen by all those who come to our website.

    The Hateful Virago:

    They are known as the Daughters of the Hag, wicked servants of the Hidden Moon.  The Virago move unseen through the twisted fauna of the Weald, flitting from shadow to shadow.  Reborn to the Hag’s Cauldron, they aid in maintaining and extending the perverting miasma that has twisted the natural order of the Weald.  Rot and stagnation breed wherever they step, smothering growth and blighting the righteous.  Woe to any that should stumble on a Virago for they are marked with her ruinous hex, an arcane beacon that calls to the crawling, stumbling horrors of the Weald!

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    Finally a post about virago! I waited for this so long!

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