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    A very serious opinion:

    I bought a Vita version, i waited this time for so long, and now i am so disappointed, why?

    because the font size is ridiculous, and i’m sorry for say this, the game seems beautiful, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to play the game on Vita, ALL is so small,

    please Red Hook Studios, Can you fix this insane problem?, i want to play this amazing game on my Vita, but my eyes, oh my god my eyes, i never played a game in this crazy resolution, really guys….everything in the game is TOO SMALL.



    Why nobody reply???



    The Vita port is pretty crappy, I bought it too and was severely disappointed. Aside from the tiny font everything is designed around hoverovers but it won’t accept the touvhscreen. It’s 4 button presses per character just to find something as basic as their stress level. It just needs a UI pass because there’s no need for it to be as bad as it is.



    Aniway i decided to not play the game,
    the dev doesn’t have respect for Vita players and they don’t want to fix it,
    they “stole” my money, so i refuse to play the game, bad people.

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