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    For my first Boss fight it seems I was woefully unprepared. It seems for the Hag you need some units with ranged attacks.

    Can you guys look at my adventurer setup and give me some tips?


    I address the Hag in a similar way as the Siren: You don’t build one team. You build 4 teams, each with 3 people, each sharing 2 with the other teams. Assume you’ll always be one person short and the other 3 will be in any order, and must hit the back ranks. Also, a healer (or two!) is important as when you get your person back in the Hag fight, they’ll be almost dead.

    So Lepers and Crusaders are out. Hellions, Man-At-Arms, Highwaymen, and most other offensive types are good as they can mostly hit rank 3 at least. Arbalist isn’t great as she doesn’t like to be in the front.

    I recently took out the Hag with Hellion, Highwayman, Occultist, Vestal. The Highwayman had PBS specifically to blow the pot away if the Hellion was put into it, which he did. Then the Vestal was taken and the Hag ended up going down quick to 3 good attacks (Hellion bleed attack, Highwayman pistol shot, and Occultist knife).

    I’ll watch your video but hopefully that will help you with the mind-set and planning part of the boss(es).

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    The Hag is a weird boss. Killing her completely depends on team composition, so I present the time tested strategy to kill that SOB.

    It’s actually pretty simple – use a marking party! A marking party is a group of characters who do can mark a monster for death and then benefit from that by doing massive damage. To look for characters who can be in a marking party, look for the “+ X damage against MARKED” on attacks.

    Bounty Hunter, Houndmaster, Arbalest, Grave Robber, and Highwayman are all pretty good in a Marking Party. My go to composition that pretty much carried me through the game was as follows-

    Man at Arms: Let him defend other heroes and spam bolster. Use rampart to stun when you can.

    Houndmaster: Use target whistle to lower enemy defenses and mark the target, then go for hound’s rush on the next turn.

    Vestal/Occultist: Vestal is a very reliable healer, but use Occultist if you are more worried about damage than health. Use abyssal artillery and the curse that lowers enemy damage (can’t remember what it’s called sorry)

    Arbalest: Once the target is marked by the Houndmaster, go for sniper shot. I have two-shotted both the hag and the prophet using her with the Houndmaster… She’s a must have.

    Don’t worry about the pot. Just focus on the hag even if there are characters in the pot because hitting the pot is a waste of turns and it allows the hag to do more damage herself/heal.


    So yeah, that’s how to kill the hag. If you need help with other bosses, feel free to ask.

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    I totally agree with Dustwin, especially about DON’T HIT THE POT. It’s rare that you want to do that. Mark is good but not necessary, but it’s important to note that marking is good against most every boss.

    So now to critique your party:
    Crusader. Bad. All he can do is hit the pot, which you don’t want to do.
    MAA. Good. Crush is great against the Hag, as is his Riposte move.
    Vestal. Good. She’s got a lot of back line attacks and can group heal to keep people off of Death’s Door in groups. However, she becomes less effective in rank 2. You have to make sure she’s got rank-2 attacks that hit the back ranks before you go into the fight.
    Arbalest. So-so. She can hit the back line but only if she’s in the back line.

    Round 1: You lose one of the not-so-good characters. No biggie, you have 2 others to hit the Hag with. However, you hit the pot with one of them. Then the other you used to guard, instead of attack. The crusader wasn’t effective, of course.
    Round 2: You lose one of your good characters. This is a time when hitting the pot would be advisable, but only because she took half of your effective team and you have someone who can’t do anything but hit the pot. You have yet to touch the Hag.
    Round 3: your Arbalest, who could have shot the hag, instead uses her heal. Then the Vestal does as well, and your MAA gets taken. There goes all possible hag hitters.
    Round 4: You retreat.

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