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    Hello, guys!

    From old days since I playing DD, I always being confused about two positive quirks, which both effect sound almost similiar.
    These are Natural Eye and Natural Swing.
    In past I tried to find more information in DD-Wiki, but that doesn’t gave me the answer. Here what DD-Wiki says:

    Natural Eye (+5 Accuracy for Ranged attacks)
    Natural Swing (+5 Accuracy)

    No doubts about N.E., it is ranged accuracy – nice and clear, but… N.S. – by description it is give both types of accuracy (ranged/melee), but isn’t it should be ‘Melee’-type accuracy only?

    So I checked file ‘buff_library.json’ and found buffs for these both quirks:
    “natural_eye” -> “ACCRANGED5” -> rule_type => “rangedonly” (ranged -> OK)
    “natural_swing” -> “ACC5” -> rule_type => “always” (no ‘meleeonly’???)

    So my suspicion of bug is:
    1) If i’m wrong, so by that logic N.E. shouldn’t be exist, because N.S. is universal accuracy quirk.
    2) In buffs file exists buffs like “ACCRANGED5”, “ACCRANGED-5”, but no any of “ACCMELEE5”, “ACCMELEE-5”. So quirk N.S. seems get universal buff “ACC5”, which works for both of Ranged/Melee attacks – and in my opinion that is wrong/


    I assume this issue is, “intended, for an untold reason, if there’s a reason at all”.

    According to the Wiki, Natural Swing used to be a Melee-only quirk and they changed it. I don’t know whether it’s intentional or accidental, but at this point they must be aware of it, and this “bug” would have been fixed if it’s not what they meant to do.

    *pulls out a dictionary*

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