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    Hello, I made a mod to pump up the stats of the crusader just for testing. So I copied the file from steamapps/common/DarkestDungeon/heroes/crusader to op%2crusader%20mod/heroes/crusader and changed the stats in the file. I did the thin to upload it to the workshop. The mod doesn’t work. Even if I try to change the original it doesn’t work. Anyone else experiencing this? Any solution ?


    Couple of things to try…

    1. Be very careful in how you path your workshop mod – the uploader is extremely finnicky – and 90% of the time that is why someone’s mod does not work right.

    2. Try uploading the crusader class as the mod (hero folder and all contents). Someone can’t have multiple mods that alter the same file. So this is why it is like that. Again make sure the pathing is correct.

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