Topic: [MOD Concept] When the Winged Hussars arrived!

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    Okay. Since Scorpy can do crazy things with spine now how about a Winged Hussar!

    Amusing music video

    The feathered wings were not just for show. The sound of all the feathers of many hussars rustling together as they charged put fear into enemy horses. We could have a stun attack (bash them with the small round headed mace). We could have some kind off ear based debuff (terrifying presence or something). We could even abuse the Abomination’s Transformation to have him switch between the sabre and the two handed sword!

    Thius could be quite an impressive mod. I haven’t given much thought to skills or stats yet (Unlike the dwarven defender mod) but I’m really struck with the notion and reckon it could be a lot of fun! If we made the wings look battered and worn and made him lok suitably downcast and bedraggled then he could fit into the Darkest Dungeon world quite easily.



    Not to discourage you but Winged Hussar are famed for their combat ability as cavalry, not so much as footmen. And no sensible warrior would go into a movement restrictive battleground with those metal wings. This is coming from both lore and gameplay perspective, it’s the reason why combat rank were divided into 1 2 3 4 instead of 2 front and 2 back: Because the whole place was so narrow they couldn’t form the usually effective formation. Though i won’t mind if the winged hussar grant accuracy penalties to all allies behind him. ^_^’

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