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    On a creative (and possibly mad) whim, I wrote a… “divine” story about the crawling chaos beneath the manor.
    I can imagine that the priests down below would read a tale like this. I hope you enjoy.

    As a warning, this WILL house some potentially strong spoilers. If you haven’t seen the end of the game – whether you’re watching someone else play or are going through the game yourself, do not read.

    1. At the beginning, the world was raw, and untouched.
    2. A sphere of undisturbed Earth and rock, with mere plants that dotted the surface.
    3. Then, the progenitor of life was born, a mere pinch of flesh.
    4. Like all life, however, the flesh would gestate.
    5. As it grew, it warped to shapeless forms, and grew to a notable size.
    6. Soon enough, its heart gained sentience over its body.
    7. The flesh grew further, and separated into lesser forms.
    8. Small colonies of lesser flesh with their own sentience,
    9. But their life force was tied to the Heart.
    10. They grew and multiplied to their own accord, but they died.
    11. Every death gave nourishment for the Heart,
    12. And the god of this world continued its gestation with every death.
    13. The flesh spawns of the Heart continued to multiply, taking bipedal and quadrupedal forms.
    14. Ultimately, from the flesh came Man.
    15. Man would share the intellectual capacity with the Heart,
    16. But like all flesh, every death sent life to the Heart.
    17. Man grew, multiplying, swarming; gestating almost as fast as the god that gave them life.
    18. They found their way out of the flesh, and into the stone caverns.
    19. It was ever dark, no brighter than what little light was within the flesh.
    20. Yet, man moved on to explore.
    21. They carved the stone, and reshaped the rock.
    22. Great stone halls were carved as a cradle for their gestating god.
    23. The Heart was indifferent, and still allowed Man to live.
    24. Yet it feasted on their life with every death.
    25. Man worshiped their god, and those who followed it’s will were rewarded.
    26. Flesh was twisted and refashioned into more robust forms.
    27. These priests were to be known as the Templars, the high priests.
    28. They became sentinels; wardens to protect the flesh from harm.
    29. Sacrifices were soon demanded to aid in the Flesh’s gestation.
    30. Many people went willingly to their death, to become one with the Flesh.
    31. Yet soon, people became fearful of what came after death,
    32. And fewer people came to become one with their god.
    33. Yet, their deaths came, and the Flesh grew.
    34. Man continued to carve the stone of the great halls,
    35. And eventually came to an accursed thing.
    36. “Light” they called it, had shone down a natural shaft of earth.
    37. Blinded by it, they fled, and Man prayed for salvation from their gestating god.
    38. They were blessed once more, and they were refashioned.
    39. Then, one man challenged the Light.
    40. “Blinding power!” he called out to the Light in front of others.
    41. “I detest you, and oppose you! I will show you the power of Flesh!”
    42. And with determination to blight out the scourge, he entered the Light.
    43. He screamed in pain, and looked away from it, attempting to cover every eye.
    44. Such was an impossible task, however, as he was lined with several.
    45. His flesh looked like it had begun to burn under the light, and Man called out to him.
    46. “Forsake your challenge brother!” called the priests, “It cannot be defeated!”
    47. Yet, he refused to run back to the darkness.
    48. He stood up, and eventually, he uncovered his eyes.
    49. He was no longer blinded by the Light, his first victory.
    50. Determined to end this fight, he climbed up the shaft.
    51. He would challenge the bringer of this agony.
    52. He did not return victorious, but he returned with great joy.
    53. “It’s wondrous my brothers!” the brawler called out to Man,
    54. “Come into the Light, it has shown me so much more!”
    55. The priests were shocked and in fear of what he had said.
    56. He was blinded by the Light, of what truly was important.
    57. Yet, he offered to take others up into the realm of the Light.
    58. Eventually, others came with him. Like him, they were in pain due to the Light.
    59. It changed them, somehow, as they returned to tell tales of color.
    60. Green ground, blue ceilings that you could not reach, and water that flowed across its surface.
    61. As Man moved to and from the realm of the Light, everyone learned.
    62. The Heart was told, and the knowledge was deemed to not be heretical.
    63. Man continued to venture to the surface, and as the caverns grew flooded, they moved out.
    64. Man would live on this “surface” to gestate away from their god.
    65. To give the Flesh more room to grow.
    66. The fields of green were now the home of Man.
    67. Those expansive caverns and interminable stone halls remained sacred though.
    68. People would venture there to be ascended, to feed the Flesh.
    69. Yet, the fear of death returned, and sacrifices and pilgrimages became more scarce.
    70. The Templars who once protected the god became gods themselves.
    71. Driven by selfish desires.
    72. They were ultimately captivated by Light’s cursed avatar: Flame.
    73. When Man learned to utilize Flame and Light, they became powerful.
    74. Flesh could be burned away, and darkness would be cast out.
    75. This power corrupted man,
    76. No longer did they rely on Flesh, but rather fire.
    77. Their tales of the Light, and their false gods spread.
    78. The truly powerful claimed “We are the Flame!”
    79. But the Flame would not be controlled.
    80. Like the Flesh, it feeds off life to live.
    81. Like the Heart, it can create things for others.
    82. Thus, the accursed age of Light began,
    83. Man was reformed again to more refined shapes,
    84. To weakened shapes without the bone or flesh to protect themselves.
    85. The ages went on, and the faith of the Flesh faded into legend.
    86. Yet, like all legends, the stories are based on truth.
    87. The Light blinded people to the truth.
    88. The truth of the Flesh and its Heart.
    89. The Heart remained our mother and father.
    90. It is the alpha and omega.
    91. Our creator,
    92. Our destroyer,
    93. And when the stars align,
    94. The cosmic unrest will rouse the Heart.
    95. This fragile shell of earth and rock will cease to be.
    96. When the Flesh finally hatches from its egg.
    97. The Heart, however, is merciful and forgiving.
    98. Submit to its will, and be rewarded.
    99. You will be ascended as the gods of old.
    100. “We who art ascended art in thee old form.”
    101. Claim the new gods.
    102. “In thine refashioned flesh, live as thou see fit.”
    103. They proclaim.
    104. “But above all, never betray the Flesh.”
    105. “Live to protect the Flesh.”
    106. “Live to feed the Flesh.”
    107. “Live to become one with the Flesh.”
    108. “And in so doing, you will join the Heart in its ascension.”
    109. And so we see fit to rejoin our ancestors.
    110. The avatars of the crawling chaos,
    111. The heralds of the Heart.
    112. The Flesh is immortal,
    113. The Flesh is undying.
    114. The cosmic hideousness lives within us all.
    115. We may free ourselves from the shackles the Light cast on us.
    116. We will no longer be blind in the darkness.
    117. Nevermore will the ascended be weak.
    118. We shall ascend and become one with the progenitor of life.
    119. The Heart will take us to the stars of the outer realms,
    120. And its followers will be carried along for salvation.
    121. Those who forsook the Heart will be left behind.
    122. So call upon those who will join us.
    123. Sacrifice those who will refuse and oppose us.
    124. They – like us – will be returned to the Flesh.
    125. Our reunion comes at the end of times.
    126. The age of Light will come to a close.

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