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    Ever find yourself simply disatisfied that your only options for getting rid of a useless hero is to either let them die in a dungeon (reducing team effectiveness) or to fire them? Ever want to make that person who decided to come down with a selfish or abusive nature suffer for making your trip through the last dungeon more of a living hell? Well here’s your solution!

    Introducing the Prison to the Hamlet, a location punishment and rehabilitation.

    The prison has Three upgradeable locations, much like the abbey and tavern:

    The Gallows: The lightest of punishments, where up to three characters can be locked up for a week to reduce the chance of negative afflictions and increase virtuous stress responses. As the location is upgraded it decreases/increases affliction/virtuous% chance

    The Human Latrine: this is exactly what it sounds like. Outhouses have been dug and those to be punished for their crap get thrown down into the pit to be crapped on by the rest of the town. This location has 4 slots total, 2 negative and 2 positive. People to be punished go in the negative slots to be crapped on, with the punishment having similar effects to the gallows, only with higher percentage tweak outcomes. The positive slots can be used as stress reducers, with roster members who were in a party with the negative characters while they were d-bag afflicted relieving more stress than idle members.

    The Headsman’s Block: The ultimate of punishment, and it is completely capital. Two slots for people to be executed publicly. The executed, of course die, and since this is a public event all idle roster members get -10 stress per execution to start. Upgradable to as much as -30 stress per execution. Why do executions decrease stress? Because the mindless masses LOVE BLOODSHED! WHOO! And of course, those being executed are usually those who’ve caused problems during a quest.



    Overall I like the idea of punishing some heroes to relieve the stress of everyone else, but I feel it could be abused by simply grabbing some random people from the stagecoach and torturing or even beheading them for no reason. I also feel like there could be some good ground for negative repercussions as you slowly become known as a tyrannical, blood thirsty ruler.



    I’m not so sure about this one. Not only does it seem sort of implausible and a bit absurd that these “punishments” will actually reduce stress in an already bleak and already hopeless environment, but there is also the fact that the Headsman Block is not really compatible since there exists in the game the option to just dismiss a hero at the push of a button. And not to mention, considering the fact the heroes technically come to the Hamlet and risk their own lives and sanity of their own free will, why would they be forced to endure punishment for suffering from what everyone else is suffering from?

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