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    So, the Update just dropped and i immediatly set out to try the new changes. Started a short Ruin champion lvl run.

    First encounter i find is an Insatiable Ghoul + 2 cultist. I was not running a super high speed group and the witches immediatly casted their Stressful Incantation, Then came my turn and i killed the one of the witches, the other got lucky and survived, now it’s the Ghoul’s turn. He immediatly uses Howl, dealing almost 20 aoe stress aoe + new Horror debuff to ALL my group, and i thought i didn’t need more than 2-3 of those new potions to remove it.

    New turn. The last Witch casts another Incantation on the most stressed guy, my turn i kill the witch and almost kill the ghoul, now it’s the ghoul’s turn and he does another Howl + aoe Horror effect. i don’t have any more Laudanum. 1 guy goes Masochistic and the other Irrational. in just 2 turns 2 of my heroes went insane.

    Now that i’m over with my rant, what i want to say is this Horror debuff is just artificial difficulty that wasn’t needed in the game at all, stress was always a threat already. This just forces Crusader – Jesters and full dodge-speed groups even more, which was already the “meta” in the game. There’s NO NEED to give a skill such as Howl (all group, +10 stress, -10 torch, 5% Worries disease) a Stress DoT.

    Laudanum needs to be buffed to also give immunity to horror for 2-3 turns, and to reduce stress by a little bit if Howl + Horror stays in the game. You only have 6 of those for a short mission and that’s not nearly enough if Horror is applied to an entire group with an AoE skill. It also occupies an inventory slot, which is small already and already forces decisions on what to keep and what to discard.

    The better solution would to just remove that useless DoT from the Radiant and Darkest completely, it only ruins a beautiful game. There are way better solutions to make the game harder without adding useless Artificial Difficulty mechanics. Making Marks + Guards and Riposte more important for example, incentivizing a more tactical approach instead of going full glass cannon team focused on dodge and speed (which completely makes certain heroes complete garbage *cough Leper, Arbalest cough*

    If i wanted artificial difficulty i’d play the game in Stygian mode, that’s where Horror belongs.

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