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    hello I am new to the forum I have an idea for a class that I think would fit perfectly into the vanilla game. the pirate. he hits harder than the leper. has ranged and melee attacks. he has higher accuracy than the leper but not as much hp. he has a hidden poisoned dagger that never misses and has a potency a bit stronger than the plague doctor. he has severe drawbacks however. 1st he has permanent kleptomania(locked in and unable to be treated) 2nd at the end of the mission he takes 40%-50% of all the treasure earned on the mission. 3rd he has a powerful AOE cannon attack but the sound is so loud that both teams need to pass a stun resist check and the pirate gets a severe debuff after use. I really wanted to pitch this idea and see if the community and the developers would think it belonged in the game. thank you for your time and have a great day.



    Hello John, I am a very avid player of DD and I would like to see or personally start a thread concerning new class idea for either Red Hook or Modders. I have started one on the Steam forums called “Class Ideas”, I dont know if you have seen it or not, but how would I go about making a thread or getting somenone to make a thread. I am new to the forums by the way.


    Hi John, would we be able to discuss the deletion of some threads?
    Many are no longer or barely used any longer.

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    I look forward to talking to you all.

    Hello, I’m looking forward to talking to you too 😛
    Well, I just randomly had an idea for this amazing game and decided to share it.
    Well basicly it’s pvp where you and your enemy start on opposite sides of a dungeon.
    There is a center room that both players try to get to. If you get there before the
    other player then all your characters get healed repeatedly until the other player
    arrives then you fight and whoever survives wins.



    I really just want to ask one thing. I have a HUGE log of ideas i wish to see implemented in the game, i tried all the e-mails this site has and NEVER had a single word on return. Is there any way to send this log to anyone responsible for the game? I guarantee it’s something worth the time of reading.

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