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    “Has this tattered soul really returned to us, or is this a darker entity?”
    The survivor uses a tattered cloth to obscure their face and weapons, but the weapons are visible during attack animations

    The survivor cannot be found in the stagecoach, but rather, can only be acquired by an event. The event can only trigger after there is at least one hero in the graveyard, the more heros in the graveyard, the more likely this event will occur. The survivor will always share a name with a hero in the graveyard. When you own at least one survivor, new events may trigger where the survivor flees and helps or harms you to varying degrees. The survivor immediately makes a virtue check upon entering a dungeon, but stays at their starting stress level

    Now that was alot of downsides, but here’s the gimmick, the survivor will have four standard survivor abilities and the other four abilities can come from any other class randomly (save transform and the transformed abilities). The survivor may be the mumbling remenents of a dear friend you thought you lost, or a sinister creature praying on your weakness

    The survivor enemy is more of an easier miniboss than an standard enemy. Survivors will only start to appear after at least one hero is in the graveyard, more heros in the graveyard will cause them to appear in greater frequency and quantity. They have the same ability and naming rules as the survivor hero. During the battle the survivor enemies will talk to you, cursing you for abandoning them.

    What do you think?
    Both the hero and enemy seem pretty punishing at first glance, and still at second glance. The whole idea behind him/her however is to play with the possibility of heros coming back, more deranged than before, but alive. Or maybe this is really some eldritch changeling, which has taken the form of your deceased comrade who you foolishly take to be a miracle, only time will tell

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