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    Well, after a solid 40 hour stint over 5 days i think i have finally succumbed to the frustration. Im an xcom fan and i love the concept and theme but would dearly like to see in the next iteration of this game, an expansion of the graphics engine and the incorporation of an explorable map. Something like the shadowrun series would be an perfect example. Also i like the difficulty, in a game like this u want some chars to die off so that those remaining are more valued. BUT there is a fine line between hard and frustrating. A few aspects really annoyed me and finally just made me give up. Retreats that can fail to me is a pointless in game function and thank heavens for the fact u can turn it off. I cant see the point in having a button that when the need arises to press it it will then “fail” literally 7 out of 8 times, u might as well call it the “the frustration button”. Secondly having chars “lose” items after they do certain relax activities is also a major kick in the nuts, wow and here i thought items are “rewards” for players time and effort, if a game is gonna make my chars just lose their hard earned items randomly then it naturally just starts to feel pointless. Lastly the fact that when a characters resolve levels up (which happens often after a finishing quest) then more often then not u will be rewarded with a bad trait or even a disease or freakin both. Like i said i dont mind a hard game, and i also get the lovecraftian “ïts impossible” vibe but it should still be rewarding, and when u start giving players permanent debuffs and disappearing items as rewards then the allure will great diminish.



    I agree about the randomly lost trinkets. It’s a bit much. According to the DD wiki there is a chance of losing a trinket when going to the bar or when you gamble, so I’ve stopped using them for stress relief (to the extent possible). I mostly use the sanitarium. Getting quirk after stress relief is not that bad because they can be cured, but trinkets are gone for good, and that’s a problem because some builds are based on specific trinkets. I guess this is the dev’s way of discouraging relying on trinkets.

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