Topic: Game bugged, is there any saving my save file?

Remember, Darkest Dungeon is an Early Access game and not a final product.

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    I’m 60 weeks in and my game bugged while in a dungeon. To best explain what happened.. I was in the final room of a dungeon and was down to 2 heroes and there was one monster left. I had a Vestal in front with a Grave Robber behind. On the Grave Robbers turn, I used the spell (forgot the name) that stuns the enemy and moves backwards one. Well, my Grave Robber rolled off the screen and disappeared. I can not select her or see anything that she exists (she did not die). I finished the fight with my lone Vestal and the mission completed. Every time I attempt to end the mission the game crashes without warning. I do not have control of my Vestal in the dungeon, she slides backwards until she falls off the screen. There is no way I can abandon the mission or complete it so I’m just stuck. Can anyone help? I’m loving this game and really don’t want to lose my week of progress!

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