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    Hey Everyone!

    Just wanted to throw you all a heads up! I am in the process of re-structuring the boards so that things aren’t scattered all over. So bear with me as I move things around and if you see something in the wrong spot just gimme a minute to get it all correct.

    Here is how the forums currently look:


    Important Announcements
    Early Access Feedback
    – Early Impressions
    – Suggestions
    – Difficulty Balancing
    – Bugs & Support
    General Discussion
    Suggestions & Ideas
    – Room & Environments
    – Monsters
    – Quest & Events
    – Characters & Heroes
    Fan Art & Fiction

    This is what we are moving to

    The Tavern (General Discussion)
    The Stagecoach (Beginner’s Area)
    The Blacksmith (Feedback and Suggestions) – Tis will hold all the EA boards except Bugs and all the Suggestions boards
    The Abbey (Help and Support)
    Fan Art & Fiction
    The Darkest Roleplay



    Sanatorium for bans and stuff like that? 😀


    I’ll keep that in mind 😉


    The Darkest Roleplay getting its own section? That is just f*@$ing awesome! Thanks for the consideration towards our burgeoning community there!

    "He that wounded me
    Hath hurt me more than had he killed me dead..."
    -Titus Andronicus

    "I cannot prove a lover,
    To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
    I am determined to prove a villain
    And hate the idle pleasures of these days."
    -Richard III

    The spirit of adventure is forever, you dumbass!


    Woah, as a member of the role play this is pretty awesome!

    Thanks Redhook!


    It would be nice to have all subforums to be named thematically =)

    Imo, it should be like this, though:

    Town Square – important announcements
    Abbey – help/support
    Tavern – general discussions
    Guild – feedback/suggestions (because these are for sharing experience between, ahem, “dungeon dwellers”)
    Blacksmith – modding (because they craft their mods)
    Stage Coach – game guides, newbie discussions (obvious)
    Survivalist – roleplay/fanart/lounge (as it’s almost a separate community, also “camp = stories”)

    And these ones are just for the sake of completeness:

    Graveyard – archives (if there is gonna be any)
    Nomad Wagon – merchandise (if there’s gonna be any)
    Sanitarium – can’t think of anything =(

    Tavern and Guild are quite interchangeable, however. Tavern can be used for feedback/suggestion, while Guild is for general discussions – it wouldn’t change much, as both building names and forum purposes are quite broad.

    And, probably, it wouldn’t hurt to specify all of subforum purposes in their titles, as it is currently with Abbey (“The Abbey – Help & Support”). “The Blacksmith” sounds quite non-obvious, as well as Stage Coach. And “Tavern” subforums on most forums are for off-topic, not general discussions, afaik.


    P.S. Also, while we are at it, could you improve forum navigation as well, please?

    Specifically, make it so links in “from the forum” and “recent forum discussions” blocks send user to the last page of a topic, not the first one.

    And make that darkest roleplay topics are listed in separate block, if possible. I have nothing against roleplayers, but they post constantly and tend to push all other topics down (in beforementioned blocks).

    It’s just I usually visit this forum from the phone, and every other way to navigate the topics is much slower.

    P.P.S. Also, the “link” button in post editor seems to be broken. Console shows “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘show’ of undefined” when I am clicking on it, as well as some other stuff. Other buttons seem to work properly for me.


    Was it really necesarry to mix all the subsections in the Suggestions forum? Now all sorts of “fan made” classes, dungeons etc. will clutter it.


    Suggestion / feedback forum is a clusterfuck.

    Quick link tags don’t work, when posting, i have to type out the html a-tags manually, when linking.

    Please fix!


    Ergh. “Blacksmith” as a feedback/suggestion forum bugs me. Who would think about “suggestions” or “feedback” when he/she sees something titled “Blacksmith”? It is not intuitive and not really explained anywhere except here. If you don’t like my suggestions about subforum titles, then at least rename them to be more descriptive (similar to “The Abbey – Help & Support”), please.

    Also, “LINK” button is still not working.

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