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    Hello Devs (or mods)!

    I’m trying to create a save file for DD, plus a mod, with the following challenge:

    You start the game with the 16 classes from the start, however with the mod you can’t hire new heroes from the coach.

    And not any kind of heroes, I want to use the original names and spice the roleplay a little by giving them specific locked quirks.

    For example:

    Reynauld the Crusader:
    Warrior of light/Unholy Slayer
    God Fearing

    Dismas the Highwayman:
    Hard Noggin/Quick Reflexes
    Know Cheat

    Bigby the Abomination:
    Hard Skinned/Slugger

    Katherine the Antiquarian:
    (Difficulty one)

    Missandei the Arbalest:
    Eagle Eye/Quickdraw

    Tardif the Bounty Hunter:

    Jingles the Jester:
    Fragile or Compulsive

    Baldwin the Leper:

    Boudica the Hellion:
    Natural Swing/Second Wind

    Audrey the Grave Robber:
    Dunno for now.
    Kelptomaniac maybe.
    It’s difficult to choose quirks for your favorite class =/

    Quiet the Musketeer:
    Natural Eye/?

    Well, you get the idea, i will edit it later so it makes better sense.

    So, for now the only way i see i’m capable of doing that, is by editing the backer_heroes.json but it’s encrypted, ins’t there a way to descrypt it for us?

    Or give me another way to do this?

    Anyways Merry Chritmas, and if this is wrong section feel free to move or delete this.

    Sorry for bad english, not american.

    See Ya!

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