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    Darkest Dungeon®: The Crimson Court is the first expansion for the award-winning grim and gothic RPG by Red Hook Studios.

    The Crimson Court is a parallel campaign experienced alongside the main Darkest Dungeon content that will provide you with new challenges and variation at every difficulty level. The narrative grounding sheds some light on the Ancestor’s early days, and will be presented in the same style of cut-scenes you’ve seen elsewhere in the game.

    The DLC is designed to be played alongside an existing campaign, or as a brand new one–your choice! The events and features will unlock over the course of play.


    • A new hero class. “Awash in blood and delusion, they bear the burden of a thousand lifetimes.”
    • A new dungeon region: The Courtyard
    • A full faction of new deadly foes
    • 5 new Bosses with some of the most complex and devious mechanics yet.
    • A new wandering boss: The Fanatic
    • Districts: 10 new buildings to upgrade your Hamlet
    • Massive, sprawling maps with locked doors, prisoner rooms, and progress saves
    • Lore-driven trinket sets for all heroes – with set bonuses!

    As the Crimson Curse spreads unrelentingly over the estate, parties will battle new enemies in familiar regions, as well as setting foot in a completely new sprawling environment: the Courtyard. There, amidst unique curios, traps and obstacles, a complete faction of new blood-crazed foes lie in wait, overseen by three distinct boss encounters. These slavering enemies and epic encounters will introduce new combat mechanics, testing the limits of your favorite strategies.

    As the infestation grows and your roster begins to sicken, the Fanatic will emerge to roam the hallways, confusing friend and foe alike in his zealous quest to exterminate the Curse.

    The odds are not completely stacked against you, however! A new playable hero class will be added alongside powerful new trinkets, town events, and a fresh way to expand and upgrade your Hamlet.

    We are grateful to you, our players and fans, for your enthusiasm and support.  The team has been inspired by a year packed with incredible fan art, cosplay, writing, mods, streams, and youtube videos.  We love our game, and are committed to continuing to support expand, and improve it.  Thank you.

    STEAM: Crimson Court or Ancestral Edition (Game + DLC + OST) 

    GOG: Crimson Court (Ancestral Edition coming soon!)

    -Red Hook Studios





    Just as I was pouring ketchup on my burgers. Wait, this is not ketchup. Oh my… is this what they call… to fall in… madness?



    When the Crimson Court actually coming out on GOG? It currently is not for sale on the website.



    Wonderful news! I’ve enjoyed Darkest Dungeon immensely, and I look forward to playing it again. I played over 100 hours before I finally won on Classic mode, and I loved the direction you took with the Radiant and Stygian updates so much I did it all again. It’ll be nice to visit the Graveyard and re-live the horror and the tragedy once more.



    Also, VERY excited about new music. The soundtrack and voice acting are so excellent already – I can’t wait to hear what else you’ve done!


    When the Crimson Court actually coming out on GOG? It currently is not for sale on the website.

    GOG is frequently days behind Steam. I actually stopped buying from them years ago because of it.

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    Great DLC, so far enjoying it very much, even the sudden crocodyle! Only concern though is a new set items – are they intended to be so powerful? With no downside for using them its almost feel like cheating.


    I have just finished the “normal” game and bought the dlc. Do you recommande to start a new game (in moon mode) or continue with the current one ?

    Pr Tournesol

    Ps: thank you for that wonderful game. A master piece in my opinion.



    So will ancestral edition ever appear on GOG, like you said it will?

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