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    Had some blank time, so putting some of the ideas for a DD2 in writing. they are various ideas taken from different places. Here are some of the features I could see for DD2

    Victorian steam-punk fictional-London (think Penny Dreadful or Sherlock Holmes). Instead of an overview map of the Estate, it is now of an large city, with key hubs of building, zones, and dungeon/sewer, such as: Museum, Zoo, Playhouse, City Street, Slaughter House, Clock Tower, China Town, Harbor, Asylums, Hospital, Church, Catacombs, Sewers, etc.

    Story :
    Could be anything, but thinking something like: The horror from the estate was destroyed. But some cultist made it out with some fragment of the crystal/book pages. For 30 years, they have embed themselves into all society of the city, performing their ritual in secret. They are now ready to unleash their final summoning that will spell the doom of all on earth, unless the heroes stops them.

    Players are task with training the heroes, and sending them on quest/task. Much like the current game, but more divers missions and mission rewards. More interactive elements (like talking to the locals, or pushing out a heavy obstacles) that are depended on RNG as well as what character you take (and their perks). Mission reward could be more than just items, but also new Heroes, buffs, allies, etc.

    You must also manage your strongholds/safehouses (there could be several, which give you certain actions, location advantages, buff/perks, etc), as well as putting heroes there for defending and training, for they will be attacked.

    In game, deadly fogs are rolling over the whole city. You must also manage this fog by completing certain missions, else they take over key location and strongholds. (akin to Xcom). Also enemies and monsters and mission type will change according to the fog level on an area.

    Also there are key missions and Doomsday clock. Key missions are like the boss mission, but with more scripted story elements. They help progress the story. Their success also play into slowing/reducing the doomsday clock (which go hand in hand with the Fog).

    The main meat of any RPG. Most are similar the DD, but add the much-asked hero-to-hero relationship. They could be friends, fall in love, or even be sworn enemies.

    More classes. And classes that fit with the theme of the game. Engineer/Sapper, Boxer, Gun slinger, Gangster, Medium, Doctor, to name some.

    Also add a 2ndary character perk/skills outside of the class. They are unique per character, where when lv up, you get to choose 1 (out of 2).

    Also unique heroes. They are custom designed heroes with their own lores and backstory, as well as skills. Get them from special missions.
    This also means better paper-doll system for character. So could have different face/equipment/weapons shown on your character.




    The idea of moving the setting to a London-esque city is really cool. You could even call the sequel “The Darkest City” (sounds like a mix of The City of the “Thief” saga and the New Crobuzon from “Perdido Street Station”).



    I have to admit I’m kinda diggin the Victorian London idea. However, at the same time, that location/era is starting to get really played out in games lately. It’d be nice to see something a bit more original or at least something that you dont see every day, like France during the time of the Inquisition or Salem during the height of the Witch Trials here in America. The world’s history is plagued with dark events in just about every corner of the globe, but most gothic, medieval, or feudal era games tend to spotlight a small cluster of countries/cities in Europe and Pacific Asia. Now, I suppose that may be the result of the fact that many countries of the world are still considered “3rd world” or, more recently, politically correct “developing” nations. But that’s exactly why seeing some imagination bringing these locations to life in a fantasy fiction is so appealing.



    Pardon me for this, but I feel I should say a few things a bit critically.

    1.Feels a bit premature to be thinking of sequels, don’t you think? After all, they’re still making content for the first game.

    2. I feel that the story you proposed slightly defeats the purpose of what happens at the end of DD1, which is realizing there is no end. The doom that approaches is not something that can be stopped, it is literally inexorable. Its Lovecraftian in nature.

    3. The whole idea about the characters in DD is that no matter how precious you saw them, they were all miserable and expendable people. Every last one of those wretches is looking either to make a quick buck or some half hearted absolution before they end up dead. Not much but tenuous optimism and temporary victory in the meat grinder. Thats what made them interesting to be honest. They weren’t smothered with cushy and drawn out backstory, like what they tend to do in the Role-play. They were a bunch of bad people with bad problems. That detachment I think was the selling point, and as players we had to come to terms with it.


    That is what the forum is for, to toss around ideas 🙂


    1. Well.. I did a DLC idea dump thread already before… so its about time for a sequel 🙂

    2. Thanks for the spoiler. Also story are also good as the writer (or the BS). Could extend it with a shocking reveal that the city you are trying to save is only a fragment of reality, that most of other are fallen. And that the city is not Real!

    3. In concept, most of the heroes are still the silent passive paper doll. But feel need to give them an additional layer of unique, so make fun of getting and loosing them more impactful. However, still see adding some key figure/heroes (maybe just 2-3) as a narrative guide, someone with more interaction and tie-down to the world.


    Someone already toss out the idea of Sci-fi DD. Could see that too. Darkest Space?

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