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    Since the latest build, journal pages have been dropping much more frequently. While I’m happy for the change and enjoy reading and collecting them all, I can’t help feeling that they are too easy to come by now. In one medium dungeon, for example, I found a total of three journal pages as random drops after combat.

    It used to be that the bookshelves in the Ruins (with their high chance of stress or negative quirks) were the best source of journal pages in the game. As such, it really played into the whole “risk versus reward” concept that is such a key part of the gameplay, but with this latest change, it’s perfectly feasible to acquire all the journal pages without having to touch the bookshelves at all!

    I’m not saying I entirely prefer things the old way, but I do think there’s a better balance to be found in the way journal pages are distributed. Just my two cents.

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