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    A few days back I started playing your game and I do like it. It is very polished on many aspects, but I believe that some things should be changed to get the game more polished, so I made a list :

    (See for #31+)

    Darkest Dungeon Suggestions / things that could be improved (or that are annoying but solvable), in no particular order :

    1- If you like spamming ‘w’ while walking (:D I do), you’ll find that whenever you enter a corridor, if you press ‘w’, you’ll be using the entrance, going back to the room you just camer in. Very annoying :(. A simple check to ensure that the adventurers moved 1 unit to the left (to exit the corridor via the entrance) would solve it.

    2- There are (almost) no keyboard shortcuts ? Really ?

    3- In 1366×768, sometimes the subtitles are over some enemy-data text (i.e. stun resistance %). You need to wait for the subtitles, which is not logical and annoying. Allowing to place the subtitle overhead would be nice.

    4- Not being able to move the camera of the map is annoying; having only a zoom interaction with the grid is strange, notably on large maps. It gives a feeling that something’s wrong (usually when you can zoom out to see something, you can also move your camera to see there). it seems possible with right click….. RIGHT CLICK ?!? -_-; why not left click ? Left click is already used to click on the rooms… and it would make sense if it’d be the same….

    5- In a fight, you may place your cursor over a adventurer and you can see its life, nearby your cursor; but the same does not apply to the enemy….. Any reason ? (or was that a bug ?) You’re showing health at 2 different places for two similar battle entity.

    6- Shortcut to selecting the adventures would be nice. F1-F4 simply =).

    7- (relates to #2), nothing is rebindable ? Really ?

    8- There are shortcuts for torches, but nothing else ?

    9- The trinket inventory is ‘7’ unit large… Why such an odd number :/ ? (since you have 4 adventures, 4×2 would seem more practical)

    10- When getting a 4th survival skill, we need to manually select it. It’s strange to be allowed to have a character with simply “less” skills (why would anyone do that ?). I understand that the game tends to make the player pay for their mistakes, but since I believe it should have been automatically equipped, I don’t think this is the kind of decision that should deny a player a mission completion (possible under certain circumstances). To a further extent, I believe forcing player to equip the skills, or at least telling them to, when they don’t have all the skills they can carry would do the job. You can do a mission with 3 skills……… Whyyyy :3

    11- The torches stack. Gosh. This is horrible; why would you ‘use’ (T) a torch automatically from the non-smallest torch-pack ? … It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like you’d open a beer for every beer sip you want ! -_-

    12- I’m not sure about this one, but I strongly have the feeling that adventurers do not have a hunger meter. I say this because I feel that it is possible to get a need-to-feed popup after having fed them. And if that’s the case then only the food of the starving/hungry adventurers should be needed. I feel this is something missing. Publicly displaying it would also make sense.

    I also believe that the popup shouldn’t appear that much when in an empty corridor, and more when fight do happen (as light goes off much faster in an non-empty corridor, meaning time passes more slowly, and therefore you should be eating less).

    13- Battlefield bandage & heal. VERY not cool to learn in the middle of the fight that they apply only to the 3 positions the closest to the enemy. I feel this should be told to the player ingame somehow (ally-target skills do not display the target information).

    14- There is a “[…], now it must be carried home” text, read aloud, saying “how” instead of now. I had that a couple of time. Might be due to the font though.

    15- The caretaker multiple-quests presentation is poorly presented. I mean c’mon they are not sorted in anyway, beside making sure that a boss appears before its next upgraded ‘form’ (i.e. Fuminous, THEN, Fulminating, THEN Gibbering). Those 3 Prophet bosses appear over 5 elements of the list… Separating all bosses by tier (1-2-3) would be simpler and nicer for the eye. (using the English version, if this changes anything)

    16- After a fight, you need to go to the map to reset the party positions :/. Why =( ? Logically the player would want to reset its position after a fight, then leave (the opposite wouldn’t make sense, as the player would delay its position reset)

    17- I’m not sure how I am supposed to learn which objects are needed for which inspectable element (beside using the wiki).

    18- The obstacles on the map : I thought at first they were books, so I was aiming for them… I feel like the icon could be clearer.

    19- I seldom click on menu that just opened and wondered on what I clicked. I feel like a transition (and not showing instantly a menu) would solve that. The same happens rarely with adventures, and the last skill being selected (as I sometimes use the wrong mouse button).

    20- Same as . I did wonder about the 90%.

    21- Allow to change the adventurers order while in the Estate map. It is annoying to make a team, then having to go back in the “The Darkest Estate” menu to move them manually somewhere in our custom adventurer list. (I know there are sorts options, but I’d like to do groups)

    22- The skill order of positions is unclear and should be presented to the player. i.e. if you get 2 of the same class with some similar skills, they won’t necessarily be in the same slot. Very unsettling.

    23- You can trade 2 Busts for 3 Crests, and 3 Crests for 1 Deed, but not directly 2 Busts for 1 Deed ? Come on… This is sad :'( . Same with 1P -> 3C, 3C -> 1B, but not 1P -> 1B.

    24- It is possible to get totally uneffective good & bad quirks. For instance I have a Hellion with both Lazy Eye AND Unerring (both are negative range stuff… while Hellion does not have any Range skills). Dunno if this is wanted.

    25- Suggestion : make over-total-hp damage be dealt to corpse. Dunno if this was tested at some point.

    26- Suggestion : allow to click on a non-neighbor room in the map, that way you don’t have to always use the map when backtracking, which would be useful notably when backtracking, which would allow skipping an already-visited room with not purpose.

    27- A mass buy ? Mass sell back ? Please (Buttons; i.e. ctrl click, when buying provisions)

    28- Suggestion : Telling the player somehow, before entering a fight, to equip trinkets for ALL characters =3 (I made the mistake a couple of times). It is annoying when you need to fail a mission right at the beginning due to that. That mechanic could be disabled. There is already that mechanic, but when 1 trinket is equipped it considers that all slots are equipped :(.

    29- It is possible to click the “Embark” button, when looking at an adventurer’s profile with the trinket inventory opened. I don’t think that in such circumstances the player should be able to click it (I feel that it is a close button, since the inventory close button is really shy & small top-right).

    30- [Bug IMO] When opening the scroll (beside the Trinket Inventory button), it WILL close the Trinket Inventory, but it WONT close an adventurer’s profile.

    Nice game,


    P.S. Reading at some other suggestions, I just want to say that one of the great thing of Darkest Dungeon is its simplicity (or well, not having 50 different hidden fight mechanics)



    Thank you for taking the time to write these up! Now that we’re past the PlayStation port and moving on to DLC, we might have a chance to address some of these.

    Glad you are enjoying the game!

    Tyler Sigman (@tylersigman)
    Co-Founder and Game Designer
    Red Hook Studios



    Thanks for the read =). I feel this game has a solid base, but that it could be so much more (It makes me think of Diablo 1 / Dark Souls / Gauntlet Legends, for both the atmosphere and the gameplay “feel”)

    31- The trade menu hides the 3rd thing of a building. If you’re opening it to trade some stuff, closing it, when you re-open it you won’t be trading the same thing. You’ll be trading busts. I lost quite a few of special currency due to that :$. Simply saving/restoring the last special currency selected in the trade menu would be a nice little add-up, while making sense.

    32- When sorting trinkets, you’ll have the +25% DMG Unholy/Human/Eldritch rings together, but the +25 DMG vs Beast will be far before (not sure what is used to sort within the same trinket rank). It would make sense to group that +25% vs beast with them. Both are common. I supposed it might have been that during development the beast type was the latest added ? =3

    33- Explain in game what does make a adventurer be religious or not (following some Vestal abilities…). Is it defined by quirks and/or class ?

    34- When looting a quest item, you cannot “swap” it with an item in your inventory (via drag & dropping your inventory to the item), as you’d be able with non-quest item. More of a bug to me than something else.

    35- Suggestion : allow a good level of scouting to tell which type of Curio there is (it’d be good to let it most of the time unknown though).

    36- Greater dungeon branching (I feel its often long river or very small river generation (by river I mean long, consecutive node generation, as one would generate a maze). I believe it would make sense to sometimes quickly find something. What you seek seems always put at the far end right now. I’m not asking for “far close”; but a “seldom” not-to-the-far-end would make sense, and encourage us to not go to the obvious places.

    37- When being ambushed, you’re often shuffled. I suggest giving a good amount of chance for pure position reversal (makes more sense, as you’re walking in formation).

    38- The Highwayman icon. It gives a feeling that you have a special buff of some kind… until you realize it’s the shoulder of the Highwayman. I believe this could be bettered.

    39- It seems to me like right-clicking a loot Trinket should put it in your inventory, not put it on you (which then put one of your trinket in the loot box; which I strongly believe would be rarely wanted).

    40- When entering the Guild or the Blacksmith, you need to open their own submenu. There is no reason AFAIK for that… :'(

    41- Allowing to right-click a tricket to unequip it would be delicious. You need to drag & drop everytime :(. And this is back & forth (from and to inventory).

    42- Suggestion : Don’t make the user pay more for locking traits @ First paragraph of

    43- Suggestion : Make leveling high prices decrease over time @ Second paragraph of

    44- Rename speed for initiative, (or reflex if you dislike initiative ?). When I started playing I thought for a somewhat long time that it helped dodge an attack… lol.

    45- The revive event… make it useful, or at least not revive level 0 characters (happened to me …)

    46- Very uncool when you have your whole roster level 3+ and you get a level 0/1. It is a tad odd to have a character being unable to do anything, beside waiting for 3 other character to die (which I can understand for this game; but still :/). I realized that the Stage Coach need to be upgraded to get level 2 :$.

    47- Make cytokinesis fail to create another ectoplasm upon having the attack dodged. (It’s understandable, but it feels a bit off to see another ectoplasm after the attack failed). nevermind; unsure if it was dodged or missed (just realized there is a difference :o).

    48- It’d be cooler when switching outfit if the skin didn’t unload before then the next one was loaded (double-buffering plz :D), that way you wouldn’t see nothing for 1-2 frames.

    49- When sorting, you put the currently selected group untop. Great. What would be even better would be for them to be placed in the order they have in the current expedition group (i.e. healer in 4th slot might get untop of the sort) ?

    50- Some classes have their “special” abilities (i.e. Abomination having 2 skill sets, the Antiquarian class, etc. ; I don’t know if it would be possible post-launch, but having a passive / unique ability to each class would be nice (beside their abilities)).

    51- Suggestion : Auto-crit corpses (without giving the moral bonus). Also possibly make corpse HP dependant on the enemy. I’m surprised that I just killed 3 different enemies, all with the same HP.

    52- Corridors of different lenghts. Make it less repetitive, and seldom more dangerous =).

    53- Some popups should have “neutral” choice that can be selected upon pressing the ‘escape’ key. i.e. in Trinket Inventory, unequip all shouldn’t require us to use to mouse to press “no”. Most screens are already closed when pressing that key, but not that particular popups (but I believe some other should have similar behaviours).

    54- Allowing to see our number of Busts/Crest/etc. when in a dungeon (you often need to decide what to bring between 2 things).

    55- It would be great to be able to select units with a higher level than the mission + 1; I don’t mean so that they can enter the mission; but just to start the selection (if one wants to decide on the team before the mission).

    56- A way to quickly give a set of trinkets to an adventurer. For instance 1-2 config slots per adventurer. Would save time to the player. It would need to be denied if the item aren’t present; and of course make sure to use a duplicate if possible.

    57- Upgrades are instantaneous. Why not make them take a week ? The hero could possibly go to a dungeon with a different weapon (i.e. a debuff). Some mechanic idea there.

    58- In the activity log, placing the cursor over a bad quirk gives a tooltip describing the quirk. Same with the diseases. This is however not done with afflictions (which could have a generic definition, not necessarily the stats). Having nothing gives the feeling something is wrong (since it has a different color).

    59- Suggestion : Change “Kill 1 Brigand Vvulf” for “Kill the Brigand Vvulf”. Do that for the uniques.

    60- Since affliction effects can be seen in the adventurer stats, it would make sense to display them on the buff tooltip.

    61- Allow to see what quirk is being treated for heroes in the Treatment Ward (game becomes more complex with a full roster, and giving information is useful and kind-of somewhat needed).

    62- Suggestion : Test changing when the DoT are applied to the end of the round, instead of the player turn. This would :
    – Make Speed have a less negative effect : Currently DPS are negatively affected by this, as they are the first to play the turn (most of the time), meaning if they are on death’s door they won’t have time to react.
    – Discourage the use of DoT to ‘secure’ a possibility of a heal (i.e. you have a healer, a dot-giver and one enemy; both the enemy and the healer have a turn remaining; applying the DoT ensure a possbility of a safe heal; which can be used for longer fights (which you seem to discourage, looking at the reinforcement / stress after-a-few-round thing)

    63- Allow changing the “default party order” within a dungeon. I did ajustments often.

    64- It is incorrect to say that you suffer from X damage over Y rounds (as two DoT may be Congruent, this may display an incorrect thing, i.e. 3 dmg over 5 rounds != 15 damage; it might be better to say how much you’ll suffer over the total of round, i.e. 12 damages over 5 rounds).

    65- Relates to #47; when failing a Judgment (Vestal dmg-self-heal), you get no self heal. Maybe behaviour should be coherent with #47.

    66- New mechanic suggestion : have enemies jump on you upon taking a curio. Mainly room curios. Scout could discover that kind of trap (or sometimes not 😉 ).

    67- Allow to show the trinkets over the adventurer icons. In smaller version. Would be very useful.

    68- Explain better what does the zone level means; I still have no idea after 50h+, even though I know it means the zone is harder, I can see it from the mission…

    69- Do not free the map region / map camera when scouting is being done.

    70- Why not allow to keep on moving with the character sheet (‘c’) opened ? Like in most rpgs (WoW, Diablo, etc.)

    71- Suggestion: Drag & dropping a trinket on a hero should give the said trinket to the hero.

    72- Suggestion: In the event “Absent Abbot”, make it so the Abbot isn’t visible in the Abbey (or grayed/blackened).

    73- Suggestion: Ctrl+m to mute/unmute, as done in Blizzard games (and a few others, thought I can’t recall which ones).

    74- Allow to change party order without completely stopping, when out of combat & walking (when either switching 2 characters or reseting default order).

    75- Allow to separate the languages : one for the UI, one for the voice and one for the subtitles. Guild Wars 1 was one of the first (and one of the few) game to do a similar thing. I know most wouldn’t be using that feature, but I’d like it and use it. This helps people learning languages (yes, I know, that’s not the purpose of the game).

    76- Message the fact that only 3 quirks can be saved. It’s sad when you first realize you locked the wrong ones :(.

    77- Maybe don’t make the “Labour Force” event when the town is fully upgraded ?


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