The Shieldbreaker released for PS4/VITA and Crimson Edition on Sale for $14.99 in NA for PS4/VITA!

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After some delay, The Shieldbreaker DLC is now on sale for PS4 and VITA on the PSN store! 

While Shieldbreaker has been available for some platforms since Dec 5th, today the PS4 version was listed on the Playstation Store. This DLC. Just like the base game and Crimson Court DLC is cross-buy, so buy it for one platform and get it for free on the other!

Also at this time the Crimson Edition is on sale for $14.99 on PS4/VITA for North America Playstation players. The Crimson Edition includes Darkest Dungeon and The Crimson Court DLC! Right now you can get all of Darkest Dungeon and both DLCs for under $20 on PSN!

Want to know more about The Shieldbreaker! Check out the Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Shieldbreaker, our comic series giving a small glimpse into her backstory.