The Cove is Now Live!


The Cove is Now Live!

The Cove
  • The Cove dungeon region, featuring 7 new monsters, 2 new bosses, new curios, all new environment art, and new music!
  • The Cove features monsters that are in general both fast and bleed resistant, and also have many bleed-causing attacks.
  • The Cove monsters also include some key mechanics previously unused by monsters, such as healing and guarding! These mechanics may begin to work their way into other dungeon regions in the future…beware!
  • You do not need to begin a new campaign to play The Cove. Cove quests will spawn alongside quests from other regions.


  • Idle heroes in town will recover a small amount of stress between quests even if not placed in active treatment at the Tavern or Abbey
  • By popular demand: unused dungeon supplies now sell back at the end of a quest (for a smallish percentage of their value)
  • Increased roster size a bit so players with full rosters can recruit some new heroes and go Cove spelunking even at low level quests
  • Streamlined combat flow to keep the pace brisk and reduce many of the small waits that occur between chained events
  • Revised the core combat damage calculation so trinkets and other buffs apply in a more even way to AOE attacks. This will preserve intended damage balance of AOE vs single target attacks and help keep both approaches situationally useful. Previously, trinket and other buffs were amplifying AOE damage unfairly with respect to single target attacks. The revised calculation applies the base skill modifier directly to the weapon damage, and then totals all other buffs before applying them to this base result.
  • Trinkets have received a much-needed balance pass. The goal was to ensure that rarer trinkets are more reliably valuable than less rare trinkets, and also to make many previously uninteresting trinkets (both general and class-specific) more interesting. While some trinkets will obviously be better than others for some classes, dungeons, or situations, we have improved many of the trinkets that were particularly weak or problematic. A few trinkets have been nerfed (in cases where the value was just too high compared to other trinkets). Some trinkets have had their rarity adjusted, and we will likely do more of this once we measure the results of these changes. Additional trinket adjustments may also be required in the future.
  • Trinket drops are a bit more constrained–you won’t see as many rare drops in lower level dungeons.
  • Resolve level 0 and 1 heroes now have more disease resistance! After all, they are fresh off the stagecoach and are the healthiest they’ll ever be!
  • Some more small mobs don’t leave corpses (e.g. dogs, spiders, gargoyles)
  • Adjustments to the surprise mechanic: surprised monsters now act last in the first round but no longer lose an entire turn.
  • Players cannot retreat during the first combat round if they were surprised.
  • Retreating from combat adds stress
  • Some skills effects that didn’t show % chance now show % chance in the associated skill tooltips (e.g. Jester stress heals)
  • Riposting heroes won’t riposte against 0-damage causing attacks
  • Heroes and monsters generally shouldn’t be able to crit on a 0 damage attack
  • Torchlight properly drops to 0 during camping ambushes
  • Corpses don’t give critting stress relief
  • Fixed bug where both +herosurprise and +monstersurprise was occuring in dim light. (Should just be +heroes surprised)
  • Camping ambushes always surprise the party
  • Many misc bug fixes


  • Heroes’ armor icons now visually upgrade with each new rank
  • All quest objects (ex. Reliquary) now have unique art
  • Foreground layer added to every dungeon
  • New pop-text icons for greater ‘at-a-glance’ clarity on skill effects.
  • Tray icons/character panel icons restyled to match pop-text icons
  • Updated Corpse art
  • Rebalanced several enemy color tints
  • New pose for Plague Doctor’s ‘Incision’ skill


  • Click to advance through plot quest (boss) narration on loading screens
  • Full music and sound design on the Cove!
  • – all new music by Stuart Chatwood
  • – ambiences
  • – wet footstep recordings
  • – all new props! Ever wondered what sifting a through a whale carcass sounds like? wonder no more!
  • – all enemies and bosses fully designed with unique attacks, impacts and voices
  • – live recorded voice of the Siren singing along to the battle track
  • nearly 100 new lines for the Narrator including more coverage for already existing events
  • Narration lines no longer limited to playing only 99 times in a given campaign
  • new music arrangements for hallway battles in all regions
  • redid all traps, trap disarms, trap dodges
  • redesigned impacts on some existing enemy attacks
  • retimed battle-end stinger and sound triggers
  • Brigand Pounder, Gibbering Prophet and Formless Flesh bosses now all have dungeon intro/outro narration

Final notes: the large amount of new content and features means that some bugs will likely have slipped through. Report what you find in the Steam forums / on twitter @darkestdungeon / via email Rest assured we’ll be monitoring and working on fixes as fast as we are able!

Delve deep and remember: avoid all pacts with undead sailors!

–the Darkest Dungeon team

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    Perfect! Thanks for the long-awaited Cove!

    A pity my MaA won’t roar enemies to death anymore… The mental picture always gave me laughs.

    EDIT: Guardian’s Shield has an obvious typo: +5 DODGE if HP<300%. 30%, perhaps?





    Cove hype everyone!



    The Cove design is incredible man! The graphics, beasties, and not least music. Very lovely all of it. I think this might be my favorite area from what I’ve played so far 😀 Nice going on adding area-specific hallway music too, I’ve been missing that.


    Casual long dungeon in the Weald. I wanted to do a second run into the cove, but that quest gave a really good trinket. So, I do my second camp and a random Shambler is like “Surprise, mothafucka!” and I nearly get wiped.

    10/10 would play again.


    Hey, great update !

    The monsters are amazing (giant crabs and spectral jellyfish and warrior fishmen and TNT zombie, dear lord that’s awesome) with great skills and gameplay, very nice environment, with a new atmosphere, new musics, new sounds, I love it ! (one thing that I actually really enjoy is the sound of the doors when you open them…don’t ask me :p)

    The new corpses are cool, and the trinkets are now way much interesting than before !

    Can’t wait to get rekt by the new boss

    “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents... some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age.”


    This update is really awesome.

    I was camping in the cove and got surprised by a shambler and my crusader got rekt so I had to retreat so my other 3 members wouldn’t die. Shame because the last objective I had to use an item on was in that same god damn room, I just chose to camp first and my reward went down the toilet.

    Infuriating but hilarious in hindsight. I’ve had bunches of runs today, but all in the cove. It’s really interesting to see the fish monsters buff, heal, and guard each other. It adds lots more tactical depth.

    I also beat the siren, which was great fun. I’m not a giant TBRPG fanboy but I love the individuality given to bosses in this game.

    Really enjoying this update, can’t wait to see more!


    I must say lvl Siren is too easy. I had what turned out to be a completely unprepared party (Arb/Vstl/HM/MaA) with characters that had to practically skip some turns becouse of the charm spell shuffling. I managed to cheese it by Blackjack spam that consistently stunned her. It was a lvl2 skill without Cudgel Weight. She has to have bigger stun res on lvl 1.

    As for the dungeon itself – Warrens is still my thematic favourite, but Cove is great. Fishmen tanks are a pain and these guys alone force parties with AoE skills. The new mechanics open up lots of possibilities and if you port some of them over into other dungeons as you’ve teased us, I’m all up for it.



    As for the dungeon itself – Warrens is still my thematic favourite, but Cove is great.

    Ah. Mine used to be the Weald. I think I agree about the Siren being a bit easy on lvl 1, the concept is great though. I loved the hijack gig.



    Siren stole my soul



    At first I thought you were going to nerf everything just like every other game company to cater to the complainers … and while you did a small bit of that (the minor stress heals in town, selling back supplies) … they are logical changes and do not effect gameplay in a significant manner. Overall, from what I’m reading, you actually made the game harder? If that’s the case … let me be the first to say ‘Thank you.’ So many publishers/companies want to give us content so we can saunter through it haphazardly and wonder why we get bored after a week. Some of us actually LIKE being challenged and getting our ass kicked repeatedly. I am the type of person who looks up at you, blood and dirt on my smiling face with the two words “Bring it.” It forces me to get better rather than have the game kowtow to my inexperience and inability to play it?

    Can I make a suggestion for future patches? Would you please subtitle the narrator’s words. The vocabulary in this game is exquisite, and some of us actually want to learn what some of these words mean and how they are spelled?


    Can I make a suggestion for future patches? Would you please subtitle the narrator’s words. The vocabulary in this game is exquisite, and some of us actually want to learn what some of these words mean and how they are spelled?

    I would very much like this.

    I’m hearing impaired and I was pretty upset when I first bought the game and the intro came on. Didn’t really catch much. Shame because the majority of devs subtitle their games these days.


    Glad you guys took my suggestion on preventing retreats on surprise. Keep up the great work, love the new enemy types. Also I’ll second the stun resist on the siren, she’s too vulnerable to people with a stun trinket right now.



    Loving the update so far, the only thing I question is the nighttime Shambler ambushes. Bringing weaker teams into medium and long runs for experience is rough enough, but the chance to get utterly obliterated by a surprise Shambler is pretty unforgiving, especially since camping is so heavily encouraged. Wondering if this was intentional or an unforeseen side effect of lowering light levels during nighttime ambushes.



    I have a few suggestions which maybe sacrilege,
    1. Put in an option to eliminate the “Death’s Door” mechanic. When a player gets to 0 … dead if option is unchecked.
    2. Also, buff all monster HP by adding a difficulty slider (+0-+100%) for monster Health and damage which can only be set prior to The old road. Increase loot and xp accordingly.
    3. Correspondingly, increase the level cap to 9.
    4. Also, the old road should be week Zero.
    5. Eternal night option where torches are disabled.

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