The Community Has Become Official


The Community Has Become Official

Looks like you were redirected to the new home for the Darkest Dungeon community! That’s right, we have become official and our new address is now Fancy right?


I’ve spent the last few days transferring all data from the old domain and server host to this new one and I want to say that (almost) everything works. One thing I learned is that dealing with SQL databases makes me want to stab my eye with a pen, so if you run across anything not behaving properly, please let me know so I can fix it immediately.


Nothing much else to tell at the moment so I hope you all enjoy the new home.



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    Chuckles the Jester

    Hooray and congratulations, this is exciting news indeed. Now we all won’t have to worry about a split userbase, and the community will only grow bigger as news about the game spread.

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    That’s actually huge to be recognized like this and of course a very cool move from the DD team itself. I’m glad, your hard work paid of SneakyPie and Cadogan. I hope you guys stay motivated and keep enjoying the to gather all the informations around the web for DD. I, for myself, really enjoy all the news :]


    I have to reiterate how incredible it is for us to have such enthusiastic and committed guys as Sneaky and Cadogan – we’re thrilled to embrace this site and forums as we head into (gasp!) EARLY ACCESS!



    Wow, this really is a win-win-win. So cool to see that this site has gotten the recognition it deserves! So proud of you guys :’)



    *golf clap*

    This is fantastic! Good job to Sneaky and Cadogan both.



    Congrats to SneakyPie and Cadogan for becoming official! I am looking forward to discussing the Early Access with all of you.



    hi im new to the forum just found out about the game and fell in love with it, cant wait till release.



    G’day guys! I’m new to the forums, so I though I’d say hi!

    I am so excited for the release of this game! Bring on 2015!

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