The Antiquarian

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Coming from the shadowed east in pursuit of antiques, relics, and rarities,  the Antiquarian finds herself drawn to the Hamlet…

The Antiquarian is the final name for what we’ve been referring to as the Merchant Class for some time now.  This is the final character class to be added to the game proper, and we have something special planned for her!

Whereas most classes come looking for a fight, the Antiquarian is only interested in collecting treasures found in the dungeons.  She is not proficient in combat, instead adding value to the party by increasing its profitability!  Don’t rely on her to dish out the punishment – she has no training whatsoever in terms of martial ability.

Since you are here, let’s do a quick community update!

We’ve been holding our weekly Community Streams every Wednesday from 2pm-4pm PST. We often start early and end late, but we are doing them regularly and we would love for you to stop by and ask your questions! Since we no longer have to hold the upcoming art and behind closed doors like we did with the Darkest Dungeon, Chris will be streaming himself working on the various new art assets coming to the game. You might have already caught him working on the above wallpaper. All of this is to simply say, be sure to follow us on twitch and get notified when we start streaming!

In our last update, we mentioned that we will be talking to our partners who will be working on the Linux port. We can now gladly say that the Linux port is in the works and should be ready around the same time as our March Update, which will include the Antiquarian and Town Events. We appreciate our Linux user patience and we are excited to get our game on the platform.

We also wanted to talk about localization. We’ve already implemented much of the feedback we’ve received from the community and have been working with our localization partner to get all those changes out to our players. You probably have seen improvements, particularly to Spanish and Polish, and they will continue as we go forward. We know the Russian font leaves much to be desired and we are in the process of selecting a more appropriate font. Please feel free to continue sending us your feedback on the localization as we want to make sure it receives the care as the rest of our game.

Thanks again to all of our players and we are excited for the year moving forward! We’ve got plenty of exciting things in the works, such as bringing the game to the Playstation family later this year and Steam Workshop support. So while we are hard at work on getting things ready for the March Update, we hope this small burst of information can hold you over until we get closer and have more details to share.