Localization Plans for Darkest Dungeon


Localization Plans for Darkest Dungeon

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.”
H.P. Lovecraft

We are super excited to confirm that we will have the following languages implemented into the game for our January 19th launch!

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portuguese

All of the above languages will have full translations for everything in the game, with the only exceptions being Voice-Over and hero names. Wayne June’s excellent narration will be shown via subtitles–sorry, it wasn’t feasible to find a Wayne in every region just yet! While we won’t be localizing the names, players will have easy access to the files containing all the possible names to modify however they wish.

We are fortunate enough to have fans around the globe, and we hope to add more languages in the future. In particular, we expect to do Japanese, Korean, and Chinese at some point, and will also consider other languages based upon demand. We’re excited to bring Darkest Dungeon to wherever we can!  

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    Nice !

    I’m ashamed because as much as i love this game, i still ignore most of the story because of my poor spoken english -_- well, that lets something to discover at release beside the DD i guess :p


    Wobbly Wombat

    Let’s say a certain Finnish fellow would be interested in doing some voluntary translation work for this game… Would it be a viable possibility? 😛



    You guys rock so hard.


    Is the German translation portion already finished? If not, how does one apply for said translation work?



    Same here in France, can we help ? Some fans and I did a translation back then, helped a lot of reluctent french people to buy the game 🙂


    Sigh. It’s always Polish, Russian and Czech of slavic languages that get translations, as if the rest of us dont exist ( I’m Croatian ). Tho it’s not really an issue for me, I can read and speak English almost as good as my native tongue, just thought it would be nice to see more languages.


    You all are so awesome. We got translators already for the said languages, but we will need to proof them to make sure the quality is where we want. I’ll keep you all in mind when that day comes up.

    For the other languages we didn’t list. We want to get those eventually, but it’s not something we have within our current bandwidth. It’s not that we don’t think other languages matter, it’s just that this is a pretty standard pool of languages to start with. We love that we have such a global fan base and we want to try and serve them the best we can.


    Super excited! I was considering writing to you guys about the Polish localisation, since I have a lot of free time to work on it. I guess someone beat me to it 🙂
    That being said, I offer my help.


    George Steele
    HP 38/38
    Stress 20/100
    Gold 0

    Ibrahim bin Omer
    HP 19/19
    Stress 64/100
    Gold 0
    George's and Ibrahim's sheets

    HP 22/22
    Stress 20/100
    Gold 500

    Angelica's sheet

    Sister Maia
    HP 26/26
    Stress 25/100
    Gold 100

    HP 23/23
    Stress 3/100
    Gold 0


    Abdul Alhazred

    Hey John, I created an account just to ask if the “change language” will be an ingame option or we will be forced to have the translated version of the game?

    The Dire Avenger
    The Dire Avenger

    I’m French, but I’ll just keep the game in English because of the atmosphere.

    "The Darkest Estate is beset on all sights by ennemies; cultist, beasts and demons wage constant war against humanity.
    But wherever there is darkness, there are those who fight it."

    "Blood is the Emperor's currency, spend it well."



    Man, I wish I could work in the brazilian localization.

    “Executado com impunidade!”



    Full Czech localization is great news, it will surely draw in some friends of mine!
    If you need help with Czech localization or proofreading (I’m a Czech guy, also fluent in English), let me know, I’d love to help.
    And all in all, thanks for the game – spending coin on the Early Access on Steam was well worth it!



    Full Czech localization is great news, it will surely draw in some friends of mine!
    If you need help with Czech localization or proofreading (I’m a Czech guy, also fluent in English), let me know, I’d love to help.
    And all in all, thanks for the game – spending coin on the Early Access on Steam was well worth it!

    Know what? I also offer the help for brazilian portuguese.

    Hell, just an example, for free, use it at your will:

    Abomination > Abominação
    Arbalest > Balestra
    Bounty Hunter > Caçador de Recompensas
    Crusader > Cruzado
    Grave Robber > Ladra de Tumbas
    Hellion > Feroz **
    Highwayman > Bandoleiro
    Hound Master > Domador de Cães
    Jester > Folião ***
    Leper > Leproso
    Man-at-Arms > Homem de Armas
    Occultist > Ocultista
    Plague Doctor > Médica da Peste
    Vestal > Vestal

    ** “Feroz” is not the literal translation for “Hellion”. “Feroz” literally means “ferocious”. I choose it because it represents bersekers well, it sounds good, and also it is a short but intense word, like “Hellion”. There wasn’t a good direct translation for “Hellion”.

    *** For the many possibilities of “Jester”, I have chosen “Folião” since it is a very known word in Brazil and it is also appliable to people who go into the carnival.


    I would like to offer my help too. This is actually my first post on this forum and I’ve been mostly lurking before that, but I simply can not do that anymore – not after the latest update added dialogue translations in game files. I’ve looked through them – a section for the russian language in particular, since I’m a native speaker – and while the translation as a whole is good, there are places that could use some corrections (especially poetry, like those morbid verses of afflicted Plague Doctor). I won’t pretend that I’m fluent in english, but a huge chunk of my education is dedicated to studying it and I hope I can help somehow. I always thought that the language in DD is just awesome, and I’ve previously worked on fan translations of the game, dialogues in particular, but other stuff too.
    I just enjoy this game so much… I would absolutely love to see a good russian translation for it. It deserves no less.

    Thanks in advance.



    Is there a way to jump in departing localization train now?
    I could be a volunteer translator to Russian. I’m a head of department in translation company from Top50 World largest Linguistic service Providers, so I can involve some good resources to work (sweet corrupt practices).
    And I’ a big fan of the game as well, played it for 100+ hours, and I’m really want to deliver the best translation possible

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