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Where there is no imagination there is no horror.
–Arthur Conan Doyle

New PC/Mac/Linux update is live!
The main purpose of this update was to merge back all the development done during the porting process to PS4. This should bring the PC/MAC/Linux up to date with the PS4/PSV builds.

Build #16707

  • Added basic Controller support.
    • Currently only uses PS4 Icons. Will add Xbox glyphs in the future.
    • Added new control options category to options menu, which includes:
      • Enable Controller (Default: On)
      • Vibration (Default: On)
      • Hold Required in Dungeons (Default: OFF)
        • While in dungeons holding L button is required before you can swap hero positions, change hero selections, or view character sheets. Turn this on if you frequently start swapping a hero’s position when you don’t intend too.
      • Interact with L Stick Up (Default: ON)
        • While in dungeons, pressing up on L Stick can be used to enter doors, open curios, and similar actions. (This duplicates Cross Button functionality.)
  • Vvulf now won’t invade until at least week 35. Note: we are considering some possible further changes to this.
  • Highwayman riposte nerfed some
  • Abomination transformation will now properly give a blight buff, which increases duration with skill level
  • Abomination transform back will now properly give debuff, which increases duration with skill level (harder comedown)
  • Activity log and graveyard should know handle unknown character classes gracefully.
  • Added 3 new trinkets to PC build (from PS4): fortifying_garlic, ethereal_crucifix, tempting_goblet
  • Journal pages (written by KS backers) will now appear more frequently!
  • DD Talisman now reduces damage from Revelation skill by 100% instead of adding 100% protection. The latter wasn’t working because of the internal PROT cap.
  • Added new syntax for Ability tool-tips with self buffs (buffs that last x/rounds), and removed syntax for instant-buff abilities (i.e. +%DMG to Mark)
  • Added new Loot Window Text for recovering fallen hero trinkets after retreating from battle. (No longer says: VICTORY!)
  • Fix for crashes related to Razer headset drivers.
  • Fix to % Move modifiers not working properly.
  • Fix to map boss tooltip and scouting and checkmark.
  • Fix to graveyard not showing dead heroes.
  • Fix to bug involving wearing to -100% food consumption trinkets on one character affecting all party members.
  • Fix to incompatible quirk problem.
  • Fix for crash related to dragging heroes to the party from town event window.
  • Fix to Blurry drag objects and other images that are of odd widths drawn on centre.
  • Fix to remove buffs that persisted after death when resurrecting heroes.
  • Fix to Level 6 heroes getting benefit from Town Event resolve levels.
  • Fix to Hag’s Cauldron activity log text.
  • Fix to tutorial cursor changing.
  • Fix to the mysterious mini-map tiles disappearing or traps being shown as scouted when they aren’t.
  • Fix to map not being forced during scouting curio result.
  • Removed ability to target / select move when classes are immobilized.
  • Render announcements over character barks.
  • Added pulse animation on controller highlight for skills in character sheet.
  • Realm inventory UI cleanup
  • Various tool-tip fixes.
  • Various UI changes/updates.
  • Various new icons for pop-up windows (loot/hunger/curio/quest complete).
  • Added option to disable party first sort in roster list.
  • Fix for crashes related to Razer headset drivers. (This _should_ also help those affected by nahimic crashes).
  • Fix closing hot key sub menus help/glossary.
  • Updated journal fonts.
  • Fix to riposte tooltip.
  • Fix to inventory tooltips that overlap.
  • Fix to map hitboxes.
  • Fix to the background image in DD Quest 3.
  • [MODDING] Exposed ability for plot quests to be repeatable. ( “.is_repeatable” in quest.json)

fanatic desktop
Crimson Court – The Fanatic
Last Friday, we revealed some tasty bits about a new encounter that’s coming as part of the Crimson Court DLC. The Fanatic will mercilessly hunt parties whose members are infected with the Crimson Curse, burning them at the stake, or smithing them with righteous fury!  There’s a Necronomicon’s worth of appalling content and features that we’re excited to share – but we’re going to hold off until the new year – stay tuned!

Steam Workshop Update
We are making progress on Steam Workshop integration and will begin testing it very soon. (If you are a dedicated modder and want to take part in the closed test, please contact us.) Some of you will be excited to know that, as part of the modding support, we are exposing additional variables and settings that have been previously inaccessible. For example, torch settings!

Upcoming Core Game Updates
In addition to DLC, we wanted to tease some upcoming free core game updates! Thanks to the excellent community feedback and the continued support of the game, we have several initiatives in the works aimed at making the Darkest Dungeon experience even better. These can be broken down into two categories:

  • New Mode: RADIANT. One of the most common critiques of the game is that the significant length to completion (approximately 80+ hrs on average, though this varies widely) can lead to some players abandoning their campaigns, especially after a particularly nasty party-wipe with a valuable trinket loadout. Game length also exacerbates some of the grindier elements of the game’s design. While a portion of this endurance test is simply Darkest Dungeon as we intend it, we also would love for more players to be able to see the story through. So, we are planning an alternative game mode (RADIANT), which will have balance changes and rule tweaks aimed at bringing the completion time down to approximately 40 hours. Rest assured that even in this alternate campaign ruleset, we won’t be compromising on some of the core ideas that make DD what it is (e.g. permadeath, autosaving). However, we will flex here and there on some things and generally structure it so that a reasonable investment of time and effort can see things through to the deepest parts of the Ancestor’s trail. This also paves the way for additional modability, via exposing more options. Note: some achievements, and possibly even loot, will still require completing the Normal mode–we still want to celebrate the efforts of our dedicated players. Additionally, we will be looking at sharpening NG+’s claws a bit, for those who have mastered the current iteration. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Improvements, balance adjustments and “quality of life tweaks”: In addition to the new mode, we also have quite a few general tweaks and improvements that we would like to make across all modes. Many of these are based upon community feedback!

In short, you can count on additional improvements and an improved core game in addition to the the paid DLC! We love working on Darkest Dungeon, and still have a lot of things we’d like to do with it, thanks to your support.

Other Platforms in the New Year:
Darkest Dungeon is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Vita, and is translated into 8 languages. We are actively looking into other platforms and other languages, and hope to confirm them soon! Our community has even recently completed a first draft of Simplified Chinese translation, so that’s something we need to look at hooking up.

Art Books, Prints, and Dioramas
Kickstarter backers may have seen THIS UPDATE we recently posted. But we also wanted to confirm generally that Art Books, Art Prints, and Dioramas will be available for purchase in the New Year, not to mention a couple other cool physical items we are lining up. We’ll have more information soon!

Sales, Sales, Sales
If you have friends that have been thinking of picking up Darkest Dungeon, let’s just say there are some good opportunities coming up over the holidays and in January to get it for a discount on some of the platforms and storefronts it’s currently available for!

Wrap Up
As you can see, here at Red Hook Studios we’re a bunch of busy elves (or at least maggots), tinkering and building and setting things up for an awesome 2017.  We hope that you are as excited as we are! If so, please help spread all of today’s news by sharing on FB, retweeting, and so on.

May your Estate be graced with snow, festivity, corruption and blood.
–The Darkest Dungeon Team