Gameplay Preview with PC Gamer


Gameplay Preview with PC Gamer

PC Gamer managed to get an early build of Darkest Dungeon and have taken it upon themselves to brave the Weald to slay the Hag. Hopefully this video can somewhat tide you all over a little bit before Early Access is released on February 3rd.

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    That “Into the Pot” ability is very scary. Even if your party wasn’t mixed up like in teh video, your tank basically disappearing in round 1 is very dangerous. I definitely like the stress the mechanic creates.

    Also since the pot takes the first two enemy ‘slots’ its hard to manage both freeing the party member and the hag. The hag doesn’t seem to have that many HP compared to most bosses. Pierceing attacks would probably work well in this case.

    I wonder if it’s possible to permanently damage the pot if no one is in it?

    Are bosses randomized? If I know the Hag is in a specific level then I’d likely optimize my team to deal with her specific skills. But if I don’t know what boss that would make it more interesting and less ability to ‘min/max’ the party for that specific boss.



    Video looks great. But I’ve some points I need to share:

    – perspective shift is really obnoxious, and ruins 2D feel of the game. Perhaps I just need time to get used to it.
    – I REALLY don’t like red text, it’s illegible and looks rather bad. Maybe some kind of outline could fix this?
    – I’m not a big fan of Holy Lance’s attack pose, it looks kinda weird. When I see attack named Holy Lance I imagine something more holy and with more lance not awkward sword thrust. But it’s minor detail and probably only my problem.

    Enough whining.

    I can’t wait to play it. Does anyone knows if we can expect any Twitch streams before early access?




    The hag definitely looks squishy with only 65 hp. I think the strategy with her would be all-out offense to overwhelm. It doesn’t look like a tank will help protect the other members of the party (except to sacrifice into the pot) since most of her other attacks are AoE anyway. Finally, since it seemed like you were damaging your character by hitting the pot, it’s probably better to ignore the stewed hero and go straight for the hag.

    It also looked like the empty pot had a separate hp counter which means maybe you could try to destroy the pot?

    You would also think getting boiled in the pot would cause enormous stress damage, but I didn’t think I saw any black dmg on the trapped character.

    As an aside, I guess I’m used to the perspective shift with each action and the red numbers looked fine – visually processed everything with no issues. Looks great! Can’t wait to try it out next week!


    Chuckles the Jester

    The perspective shift doesn’t really bother me because I haven’t even NOTICED it until you guys brought it up. Perhaps it’s something that only bothers some people for some sort of physiological reason, like 3D.

    Yeah I know, not much insight, but I thought I should speak up anyway, just to let y’all know that it’s not a universal complaint. 🙂

    Oh and yes, the red numbers looked fine, but I guess some sort of color-blind mode that can be turned on in the menu could do it good, since I know that red is one of the colors people can have problems with.

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    Tyler Sigman has commented (in the “Darkest Dungeon” Kickstarter page) that the camera shift in perspective can be disabled.

    Tyler Sigman 23 minutes ago
    @Nathan The cam shift can be disabled, yes. It’s actually quite a divisive feature – many people really like it, and just as many are vocally against it. In any event, testing this kind of thing is what Early Access is all about, and wherever possible, we’ll ensure you can tailor your options the way you like.


    Chuckles the Jester

    Good to know, I find that offering the option to disable it is probably the best thing to do with features like that. For example, I personally HATE motion blur, and find myself disabling it whenever possible, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there. So yeah, thumbs up for option menus. 😀

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!

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