Fiends & Frenzy Update is Live! Patch Highlights and Curse Partnership!


Fiends & Frenzy Update is Live! Patch Highlights and Curse Partnership!

Welcome to Fiends & Frenzy – our first significant content patch for Darkest Dungeon! We’ve worked very hard to bring you a meaty update to the game, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.  There are a ton of new features, improvements and bug fixes in this patch, most importantly:

  • New Hero Class! Man-At-Arms
  • New Hero Class! Arbalest
  • New Ruins Boss! Gibbering Prophet
  • New Warens Boss! Formless Flesh
  • New Weald Boss! Brigand Cannon
  • New Loot: “The Ancestor’s Trinket set” is a group of ultra-rare items once held by the Ancestor himself – be warned, some of these trinkets are only found in the pitch dark!
  • New Building! Ancestor’s Statue: Click the statue to open the Ancestor’s Memoirs – a record of all cutscenes and boss backstories!
  • Heart Attacks! Don’t let your heroes get too stressed. If your stress bar fills again past affliction…it’s over.
  • Sell your junk!  In the Trinket Inventory, hold shift to see sell back value, shift+click to sell trinkets
  • Crit-heals!  Heal, critically!
  • Tons of Party Names as created by Kickstarter and Humble backers!

…and much, much more.  Check out the detailed patch notes here.

This patch also introduces many quality of life features requested by the community!  We’ve learned a great deal in Early Access so far, and your feedback has been fantastic.  We want to thank you guys for playing, and helping us to make the game as good as it can be.  Keep it coming!

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Curse/Gamepedia!  Don’t get lost in the dark – check out the official Darkest Dungeon wiki at Gamepedia – You can find it at http://darkestdungeon.

As always you can post your thoughts, feedback, fiction and artwork here on our Forums. or over on the Steam Discussion Boards.  Thanks to all of you for being part of our Early Access community!

Much more to come,
-The Darkest Dungeon Team

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    Can’t play since the update it says “couldn’t find pin file! wrong working directory” (playing on mac 🙁


    im on mac and the game can’t be open, some error block it :< i can’t wait more longer to this new contant, assuming my all 20 char are 6 and i had multiple exemple of every items

    btw i noticed the narrator speak extremely rarely now, you don’t talk about that and it makes me sad cause i really enjoyed it



    I am on PC and got to the first mission with a full team, two guys got heart attacks and then the game crashed.


    Mac issues should be resolved. Posting a new build with some crash fixes as well very shortly!


    Please update to latest!



    I’m on PC, and I caught the crash-at-launch bug since the update… So frustrating 🙁



    Riposte is amazing! Unfortunately a very robust one crashed the game.


    I love man-at-arms absolutely! What i dislike tough is the crit stress inducers (20 from stresful incantation goes to whooping 36!) – very punishing early game! Great update overall!



    Man-at-arms riposte got a critical hit and the character was critted by the enemy simultaneously. Now the battle is locked and will not progress. The game has not crashed, but is simply stuck mid battle.



    Just a heads up, one of your class names contains a typo. An arbalest is a windlass-drawn large crossbow with a steel bow, a person who uses an arbalest is an arbal-IST.


    I have started a new save file purely to taste this new patch.



    @Icono ‘Arbalest’ can also refer to the person who uses an arbalest 🙂 Plus, it sounds more French, which is nice.

    @dracklore/Chano/Blaze That issue should be resolved now, we’ve fixed several crashes and hangs today!

    The Red King
    The Red King

    Great work! Loving the new characters & Bosses!

    "Packs laden with loot are often low on supplies.."



    Patch feels very good apart from a few weird, buggy behaviors. I had a new hellion that couldn’t equip trinkets until I restarted the game, which was weird.

    Also, there seems to be some discrepancy between items’ stats in the inventory v.s. how they appear when actually equipped. At least judging from the tooltip, tough ring’s prot value seems to get halved when I actually equip it on characters. Same with the prot on the light-dependent cloak items.

    Additionally, I haven’t yet seen a single trinket specifically for either of the new classes. Not sure if this is a bug or just something that isn’t implemented yet, but it’s disappointing in any case.

    Are there any sites where full notes on new/changed items are up? Noticed a new(?) legendary for the highwayman that I hadn’t seen before.



    Loving the new classes, the riposte mechanic is amazing. With buffs the way they are, I think the arbalest is more of an interesting character than a useful one.

    The quality of life changes are great too, snuffing out torches, crit heals and new eating mechanics are nice.

    That being said, the new double stress to insta-kill thing is really not feeling right. I like the idea but this basically means ghouls, with their high dodge and insane stress attacks, are basically death sentences if a situation goes even slightly wrong(I suppose this is true for other enemies that are similar). As well, since there’s no way to cure affliction in dungeon or stave off it’s effects, and even 1 or 2 bad fights can afflict a character(especially with the fact that even early game, enemies have attacks that add up to 25 stress), this new mechanic is really highlighting the RNG pitfalls of the game.

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