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The Basics (Platform, Price, Release Date)

What is Darkest Dungeon?


Who is Darkest Dungeon For?

Darkest Dungeon is intended for gamers who appreciate a tough-but-fair challenge and want to experience dungeon crawling in a way they never have before.  You will recruit, equip, and manage a stable of over 16 heroes, and watch as their experiences organically mold and shape them in positive, and...not-so-positive, ways.  The combination of innovative combat and the truly unique Affliction System breathe fresh life into one of the oldest and most popular genres.

The game won't coddle you - characters will die, be driven mad, and develop both empowering and unfortunate side-effects from their dungeoneering lifestyle.  Much like Dark Souls or X-Com played on Ironman mode, the stakes are always high - but bold moves and calculated strategy will reward you!

On Which Platforms Will Darkest Dungeon Release?

We are planning on releasing on PC/Mac/Linux at a minimum, but are considering all appropriate options at this point in development, including consoles and tablets.

Will You be Doing a Kickstarter?

Most likely! Right now we are focusing on making the best game possible to show to people, but JOIN OUR MAILING LIST, or follow our twitter (@DarkestDungeon), so you can stay up to date with all our plans, schemes, and announcements.

How Much Will the Game Cost? Will it be Free-to-Play?

We are planning to use the traditional business model: buy once and play to your heart's content! (No microtransactions.) We also plan to produce DLC.

We are not prepared to announce the price yet, but it will be similar to other high-quality games aimed at the core-gamer market.

When Will the Game Release?

We are tentatively planning an early 2015  release. However, early supporters will be able to play an Early Access (Beta) version around fall 2014. Stay tuned for opportunities to become a supporter by JOINING OUR MAILING LIST, or following us on twitter (@DarkestDungeon).

I Love It! How Can I Give You My Money?!

Thank you! Stay tuned for upcoming details of our Founders Program and also crowd-funding opportunities, both of which will provide excellent rewards for our early supporters. The best way to stay up to date is to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST, or follow our twitter (@DarkestDungeon).


What is the Affliction System?

Most dungeon crawlers play like a loot-pinata, where unfailingly brave wooden heroes bash monsters and pocket gold unceasingly. Darkest Dungeon puts the focus back on the characters. How will they hold up to the terrors of battling horrific foes deep underground all while the torchlight, food, and sanity are all fading? When pushed past their breaking points, will they flee in the face of certain death, or will they inspire their companions and rally to victory?

The Affliction System is Darkest Dungeon's signature feature, and is a huge part of the gameplay experience. Heroes' stress levels key off virtually everything in the dungeon - including each other!  Left untended, these stresses can manifest in a variety of behaviors that create gameplay challenges (anger, paranoia, depression, sadism, and more). How you manage your heroes through these stresses is an integral part of the game.

Stay tuned for many more reveals about the Affliction System!

Is There Permadeath?

Yes.  As a player, you maintain a roster of heroes--kind of like your soldiers in X-Com--so when one hero dies, you can always recuit another. Casualties are a part of the game. Expect some untimely ends, cruel fates, and meaningful sacrifices.

How Does Combat Work?

Combat is an innovative turn-based structure that combines tactical positioning with a large variety of trainable, upgradeable character abilities.  We will reveal more details when we feature combat in a future spotlight.

Tactical Camping?!?

Yup! Camping is a critical part of the dungeon adventuring experience, and we've integrated it into the game systems. Your Bard can sing a song, your Barber-Surgeon can patch wounds, and your Highwayman can sulk in the corner and clean his guns to steel his resolve. What you choose to do with a limited amount of resources could mean the difference in finishing the quest or meeting an untimely end.

Is This Simply a Horror Game?

Not exactly.  Darkest Dungeon is a hard-core RPG whose focus is on the characters' development and emotional evolution as they respond to their experiences underground. Thematically, horror plays a strong part, but at its core the game is really about crafting an exhilerating take on what a professional adventurer would really have to contend with. We are focusing on all manner of psychological stresses that accompany the normal physical challenges (combat, survival) in dungeon crawling. 

It Looks Lovecraftian. Is This Intentional?

Absolutely! Lovecraft is one of our influences, mainly for the excellent pschological horror elements and the concept of horrific otherworldly monsters. But the game is not based in the Cthulhu Mythos, and traditional Lovecraftian games focus mostly on pure Sanity. In Darkest Dungeon, we focus on psychological trauma as a whole and the many ways that heroes respond to adverse situations.

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