Darkest Dungeon XBOX ONE Release Details!

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– Thomas Huxley

Darkest Dungeon pre-orders open on XBOX ONE on February 21st, and releases on the 28th!

Today, we would like to share some additional details for this upcoming release:

To celebrate Darkest Dungeon arriving on XBOX ONE, Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition will be priced at $24.99 USD for a limited time. Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition contains the Darkest Dungeon base game and The Crimson Court DLC. You will be able to pre-order it starting February 21st and this limited time offer will last for 60 days after our release on February 28th.

When porting to XBOX ONE we had a choice to make between new exclusive content for XBOX ONE owners only or to bundle Crimson Court DLC free for a limited time. We decided the latter was the best way to celebrate the launch, and ensure that none of our existing players were locked out of any possible new content.

The Shieldbreaker will also be available for $3.99 USD, starting at launch.

Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition and The Shieldbreaker DLC will be the only Red Hook products on XBOX LIVE for the first 60 days. Since the Crimson Edition will be offered for the normal cost of the base game, there won’t be seperate store items for them until after the 60 day promotion period has ended.

On April 29th, Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition will be removed from the XBOX LIVE marketplace, and in its place Darkest Dungeon, The Crimson Court, and Darkest Dungeon®: Ancestral Edition will be made available for purchase. Darkest Dungeon®: Ancestral Edition will be $34.99 USD and will contain Darkest Dungeon, The Crimson Court DLC, and The Shieldbreaker DLC, similar to other platforms.

Timeline recap!


Feb 21st:

  • Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition appears on XBOX LIVE for pre-order for $24.99

Feb 28th:

  • Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition is playable! This edition will continue to be available for 60 days for the $24.99 price and will give access to the base game and The Crimson Court DLC
  • The Shieldbreaker DLC is available for purchase for $3.99

April 29th:

  • Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition is removed from the store.
  • Darkest Dungeon base game appears on XBOX LIVE for purchase for $24.99
  • The Crimson Court DLC appears on XBOX LIVE for purchase $9.99
  • Darkest Dungeon®: Ancestral Edition appears on XBOX LIVE for purchase $34.99, and includes the base game and both DLCs.



Can I import my PC/Switch/PS4/iOS/VITA save?

Unfortunately, that won’t be possible.

Do I have to play with The Crimson Court when I purchase Darkest Dungeon®: Crimson Edition?

No! In fact, we recommend that your first game is played without enabling the Crimson Court DLC. However, it’s up to you when you’d like to enable it. You can even enable parts of the DLC (e.g. the Districts town upgrading feature) without enabling the entire package. Get 50 game weeks in and want to start checking out the DLC? Feel free to enable it on the fly and it will integrate into your existing save file.

Will the XBOX ONE version support mods?

This version will not support modding.