Darkest Dungeon Update PS4 1.06 & VITA 1.05

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We’ve been working on getting a patch together for our PlayStation players that will contain all the outstanding issues since our release in September. This patch will roll out next week, but we wanted to share the change list with our players in advance. This should cover most, if not all, of the final touches we wanted to for our PS4 and PSVita players. Hopefully this will hold you all over until our Crimson Court DLC release early next year.

The game is currently on sale on the North American PlayStation Network Store for 40% off! We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and a great start to the holiday season.

Full Change Log:

  • Game now saves more often and has a text warning for when the game is saving.
  • Added new control options category to options menu, which includes:
    • Hold Required in Dungeons (Default: OFF)
      • While in dungeons holding L button is required before you can swap hero positions, change hero selections, or view character sheets. Turn this on if you frequently start swapping a hero’s position when you don’t intend too.
    • Rear Touch Pad Enabled (Default: ON) ONLY FOR PSVITA
      • Turning this off disables rear touch pad inputs and uses the front touchscreen instead for the same things. Do this if you find yourself accidentally tapping the rear touch pad.
    • Interact with L Stick Up (Default: ON)
      • While in dungeons, pressing up on L Stick can be used to enter doors, open curios, and similar actions. (This duplicates Cross Button functionality.)
  • Fix to monster generating guid offset bug.
  • Fix to NG+ failure
  • Fix to text clipping on vita and ps4 to maximize visible area in statue.
  • Fix to remove buffs that persisted after death when resurrecting heroes.
  • Fix to Level 6 heroes getting benefit from Town Event resolve levels.
  • Fix to Hag’s Cauldron activity log text.
  • Fix to tutorial cursor changing.
  • Fix to various missing sfx in town.
  • Fix to attack overlay placement and sizing
  • Fix to quest text overlapping the torch.
  • Fix to drop trinket on equipment bug.
  • Fix to trinket duping exploit.
  • Fix to the mysterious mini-map tiles disappearing or traps being shown as scouted when they aren’t.
  • Fix to map not being forced during scouting curio result.
  • Changed logic of map scroll with controller to be closest to center.
  • Cleaned up roster icons
  • Allow checking of health/stress/turns when inspecting tooltips (L Trigger) with controller.
  • Allow to cycle heroes while in inventory panel in dungeon outside of battle.
  • Fixing bug with roster input not being as responsive as it used to be.
  • Wait for audio bank samples to finish loading in loading screen.
  • Reduced scroll speed of glossary.
  • Reduce sort tooltip screen time
  • Removed ability to target / select move when classes are immobilized.
  • Prevent the activity log scrolling while the R-trigger is held for the roster focus.
  • Render announcements over character barks.
  • Showing ‘Week #’ after estate name when downloading/replacing a slot from cross-save.
  • Constant saving of the embark party so that you can quit the game and load it back up with the previous party you had built.
  • Disable scrolling while dragging.
  • Disabled trinket sort operation while dragging trinket around.
  • Disabled opening help panel during screen transitions.
  • Added scale when focusing on tile tooltips in map.
  • Added hold button time animation for deleting estate in the Main Menu.
  • Added input preview for Trigger on Roster List
  • Added pulse animation on controller highlight for skills in character sheet.

We will continue to monitor feedback on the PlayStation platforms and will take action if needed. Remember to email us at psnsupport@redhookgames.com for support help on PS4 and PSVITA.