Darkest Dungeon Update PS4 1.05 & VITA 1.04


Darkest Dungeon Update PS4 1.05 & VITA 1.04

We have put together a new package for the game to help resolve that last few remaining crash issues that are affecting our players. We are internally testing it today, and then will be submitting to PlayStation for their own approval process. If all goes well, and we hope it does, we should have the patch ready to deploy to our users Saturday October 8th. If there are issues we will work to get the corrections in place as quick as possible.

Here are the Patch Notes:

  • Fixed crash that could occur while fighting the Hag boss in the Weald.
  • Fixed rendering bug causing some monsters appear green or mis-colored.
  • Fixed issue that could cause player to become stuck at the ‘Quest Complete’ popup, observed when camping.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent a player from selecting the last hero in their roster.
  • Tempting Goblet trinket rarity and price now show up properly.
  • Fixed a number of other low frequency crashes, art bugs, and UX issues.
    • Part of this change was adding another button preview to the Embark/Provisions button as well as Removing the Ability to Navigate down to those buttons with the L-Stick or DPAD. This should help with the common UX issue of selecting a quest.
  • Fixed a case where the trophy “Valiant sacrifice…” was not awarded.
    • Note: we are still working on other trophy issues and please contact us with ones you didn’t receive but should have as well as details about the game state. psnsupport@redhookgames.com

We are thankful to all of our players in helping us track these issues and get them resolved. While this should clean up the few remaining crash issues we are still collecting feedback for UI/UX improvements. We read all the post from our community and do have plans to address things such as Back Touch on VITA. However those changes, while important for the long term satisfaction of our players, had to take a back seat as we worked on the crash issues. We encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts and experiences with the game on Twitter, Reddit, Forums, or by Email.

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    Thanks for continuing to update the game and fix the technical issues!

    I posted about some more trophy glitches earlier on this forum a day or so ago so hopefully they’ll show up in the 1.06 patch!


    Alien Abdungeon

    It’s too bad you aren’t thankful enough to us players to leave the musketeer skin in. I myself have taken time out of my day to post videos, contact a lovely person named Dana to give feedback and submit bug reports. I am not the only one either, and we paid for this game. It just feels wrong when the mod is readily available to everyone on pc anyways and I don’t see anybody complaining. Alas, the better way to do it would have been to give those backers something extra to make up for your mistake, rather than take away from players who have been dealing with a buggy game and trying to help you fix it. What do I know though right?

    Mad Monk
    Mad Monk

    Alien Abdungeon… whew I feel your pain but come on, It has been just a week out on PS so let’s wait a bit IMHO.

    Talking about bugs, I didn’t get the one for dying of hunger.



    Awesome! Looking forward to the Embark improvements. I feel like the last nitpick I have is the Vita touch pads – very much looking forward to seeing that improved. Thanks for the great support!


    The two trophies regarding getting heroes to level 6 are definitely bugged, because literally no one is getting them right now despite having plenty of level 6 heroes:

    View post on imgur.com

    I hope you can fix this one quickly and make sure it rewards retroactively for those who already have a full roster of leveled up heroes. Otherwise someone who’s already finished the game would have to start all over with a party of newbs to get two trophies they should have earned already.



    Uplode now! Just do It.



    Hi guys! Love the game. I got it for my PSVita because I loved the idea of playing it on the go while commuting. But I was wondering if you guys are planning on letting us change the control scheme? Because the back touch controls are super sensitive and I always hit them by mistake and it is quite uncomfortable to hold it “the right way” for a long period of time. Also, any plans on adding touch controls for the Vita touchscreen? Seems like a missed opportunity to help the difficult controls for such a device. Its still playable, of course, but the addition of having an optional touch input would help tremendously with the Vita user experience. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing with the game. Cheers!

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