Darkest Dungeon Team Update


Darkest Dungeon Team Update


The Darkest Dungeon team is incredibly grateful for your support for this game. The early response has been beyond our wildest expectations. This will translate into making the game even better.

However, we wanted you to know that at this moment, our tiny team is 100% busy attending to technical support, backer support, website support, and forum support. Our priority is to get as many people as we can up and running who are still having problems or who wish to upgrade their $15 pledge to gain Early Access right now.

We are super excited to get back to adding new features, making balance adjustments, and generally working on the game itself! But please be patient as we won’t be able to devote our full energies to that until we can get through more support issues.

Also, the team is pretty darned tired after the crunch to getting to release. So at some point we might need to take a few days off and resuscitate our brains, which are mostly mush at this moment. 😛 (But it’s a very, very happy mush.)

So much more Darkest Dungeon stuff is on the horizon, and we can’t wait to get it to you.

Delve deep, keep to the light, and always bring a shovel.

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    You have no idea how absolutely stoked I am to hear how well you guys have done!

    As one of the few Early Access games to bring everything they promised to the table and more, presenting such a clean and refined experience, I can honestly say that I’m floored by what you’ve provided us with so far!

    Though I have found a few spelling mistakes and one notable issue, those problems have already been resolved. I just hope that you guys will stick to your guns and not let the success get to you, Early Access carries a foul stigma, most people have been burned one too many times and I’d hate to think that Red Hook might follow that standard.

    I’m glad, however, that I took the chance and gave you guys a helping hand through early access. If what you produce in the future is anything like what we’ve already received, Darkest Dungeon will most likely remain my favorite game of 2015!

    Be the heroes that your vision deserves.

    Frequently forgetting to bring shovels since 2015


    I’m in full agreement with Knile about being floored by the quality and this becoming my favourite game of 2015!

    I hope you’ll all be very, very busy due to the success of your game for a long time to come! It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with a game. I have no doubt that I will be enjoying this gem for a long time to come. I’ve even seen some mods on the forums and that will keep me busy even longer! I also have no doubt that I will try to make my own someday.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for already having given me a great (and I do mean great) game experience. I’m sure the finished product will be even better!

    Keep up the amazing work!


    In a time when games consistently under-deliver, it’s so refreshing to come across a game in early release as enjoyable and polished as this.

    Enjoy the rest and keep up the good work! Looking forward to every little bit.



    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself when I’ve had the time to play this game. You’re sitting on a gold mine, just keep doing what you guys have been doing. The dedication and overall vibe from your team and the community has you guys destined for big things. Keep it up!



    I can’t help but clap-clapping at both the hardwork you’ve done to make this game fully enjoyable and true to it’s core as an early access, and the deserved early success you’re getting for it.
    As a first time lover of Darkest dongeon and its tremendeously appealing concept, i feel happy. I’ve been wainting for a game that could enlight me and be one of my favorite of the current year, and Darkest Dongeon is holding to its promises – although i can’t help but craving for further improvements and all the contents i have been dreaming on for month !

    Keep up the good work, we’re all behind you – sinking deeper and deeper into this madness of yours !


    I was fairly sure that Darkest Dungeon will be a huge hit, when i saw it on Kickstarter. And here we go, the early beta already selling more and getting more attention than many finished games. Congrats!
    There’s a lot of work to do, so gather your strength before venturing forth, godspeed!
    And please once you get the time make sure to read the forums and listen, there’s already a lot of good feedback here.

    ps. Even though i can now play the game myself, i kind of miss the thursday live-streams.



    Man, this gane is wonderul for the price, in comparisen to those overpriced 60 euro games these days!

    Keep it up!




    Thanks Red Hook Team for a fresh approach to the typical RPG!

    It’a strange that a game can give me a moment of elation followed by frustration in all about the same time! Should I stay with this
    fight or should I run? This alone could tip the outcome and it’s delightful how the game can almost know what I plan to do
    and act accordingly!

    Good luck, congrats on it’s success, ignore the naysayers and as a early backer I got my moneys worth and more. Can’t wait to see what evil
    lurks in the Darkest Dungeon!

    The Sentinel

    Flint Westwood
    Flint Westwood

    I NEED more content, my miskatonic estate being maxed and all…

    Also i want to play an hound master, see what those 2 secrets classes are…

    Ancients be praised!



    Forgive me if I’m blind – but how does one officially request an upgrade to their $15 pledge to gain early access right now? I’ve been scouring the site and I can’t find any information on this.



    Great work, everyone. You’ve all come together and make a very fun and addicting game. I’m excited to see the rest of the content as I’ve “finished” the game so far (that doesn’t mean I won’t create another file to try some crazy team compositions lol). I can definitely understand the need for rest as I’ve seen the forums bogged down most of the time due to traffic, so I’m sure you’re all overloaded with work.

    You have all done very well and deserve some rest. We, the players, shall keep playing so don’t worry about that.



    So far as i remember it is first early-access game which gave me so much fun playing it. Low price, hand-drawn graphics which never become old, good (but i wish it more diffcult) game challenge, great game design all combined together in feeling that this guys MUST be supported by me. So it was nobrainer to buy this game in Steam once i saw it. U did great job, and iam sure u dont fail it into casual disneyland. Take your deserved rest guys.


    Rock on guys, HELLUVA game. Manages to hold the suspense consistently inside dungeons. Game needs a threat to the hamlet though, to prevent it from becoming a very long grind.




    Thank you for the positive comments. It means a great deal to the team and lifts our spirits even more!

    @saxeh: If you’d like to upgrade, send $5 via PayPal to biz at redhookgames dot com. Then email backersupport at redhookgames dot com with your confirmation and reference your original Kickstarter or Humble order email address. We’ll get you manually upgraded. Please be patient as we are currently inundated with requests, but we’ll get it done!

    Tyler Sigman (@tylersigman)
    Co-Founder and Game Designer
    Red Hook Studios



    Incredible work. Really. Can’t wait to see this game when it gets out of alpha, considering how much Im enjoying it so far. Wow its been a while since ive been so hyped up about a videogame.

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