Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Shieldbreaker

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Darkest Dungeon Presents is a comic series which recounts the past of the characters found in Darkest Dungeon. Issue #13 features The Shieldbreaker! The Shieldbreaker is the main feature of our second DLC and will be released tomorrow, October 26th for $3.99.


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  1. Howdy! I was wanted to know if you had a release date for the Shield Breaker for the PS4 yet? Thank you so much for all you do this game is truly incredible and a real testament to the art of game creation.

  2. So yesterday night when I went to start up Darkest Dungeon it said there was an update available. After it went through I came across stealth enemies in my first battle and mention of the Shield breaker. Does that mean it has finally been released? I haven’t had a Shield breaker appear in the Stage Coach yet. Is there something i have to do to trigger their appearance?

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