Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Crusader


Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Crusader

Darkest Dungeon releases tomorrow! On September 27th players on the Playstation 4 and Playstation VITA will begin to learn the truth of the Ancestor’s past. Here is the final Darkest Dungeon presents comic we have prepared for launch celebrations. These comics tell the back story of the various classes the players can use in parties as they explore the dungeons around the Hamlet. Issue #9 features The Crusader.

Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Crusader

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These wouldn’t be possible without an amazing collaboration with Trudi Castle. Each of these comics are written by our very own Chris Bourassa and Trudi is bringing them to life. Trudi has an amazing portfolio and we couldn’t be more excited for this collaboration.

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    An endless crusade.




    The man who left his family to partake in the holy wars of far-off lands no longer exists, all that’s left is a man who knows only the feeling of the hatred of zealotry, the sound of the cry of a thousand soldiers, and the smell of the thousand rotting, bloodied bodies felled by his sword.

    All in all, another great comic from these guys. Keep it up. Who wants to see one about the Bounty Hunter, the Houndmaster, the Hellion, or the Plague Doctor next?



    This lore is getting pretty deep. Image courteously ripped from an anonymous poster on 4chan, if that dude decides to read here and finds that I posted this after he did.

    Another interesting fact of this, being the achievement “On the old road, we found redemption” that you get by having Reynauld and Dismas make it to the Darkest Dungeon.

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    Is it that he’s full of hatred and zealotry?

    Or is he a man who simply realizes that he’s been inhabiting another world, another way of living, for so long that he has become alienated from his family?

    When i see this comic, I can’t help but think of those soldiers who end up suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many of them struggle to try and reintegrate themselves into society – and some feel that it was the wrong decision to return home because of the pain they end up causing their family. Or fear what they might do even in a calm domestic setting…..


    ….. and so it becomes a lot easier just to leave. To keep that snapshot of your wife and child forever smiling, untouched by the horrors of the world.



    This lore is getting pretty deep.

    WOW! If that’s true.. I wonder… does Dismas and Reynauld know?!?!?

    Is that why they joined the Heir on his Doomed Quest in search of Redemption?



    The comics are always so good because they reveal so much and always do a good job of smashing what I first thought about the characters when I first played the game. After a while you need to start expecting the unexpected.



    Does the woman knows that the man in full-plate armor that is looking at them is her missing husband? When his husband leaves, he is not wearing (nor carrying) any armor (and in his first battles he is still wearing simply clothes). So, if the woman sees a knight staring and her from distance, maybe she doesn’t thinks he is her husband returning, but just another brave (and anonymous) knight defending her country, and she is just waving at him in recognition of her brave deeds.

    And there is also the posibility that the woman and the child never become aware that the Crusader is there. In the first and last vignette of that scene, they seem to be showing their backs to the Crusader. The vignette where they are welcoming back the Crusader could be just the Crusader imagining how he would like to be received if he revealed his presence (or identity) to them. Looking at the position that both woman and child are occupying in the first and last vignette of the scene, they seem to be walking away from the Crusader (in the last vignette they are closer to the door’s house than in the first vignette). I am almost sure they never become aware of the Crusader presence, and the second and third vignette are symbolical (the warm welcome that the Crusader would like to have, and how the Crusader sees himself, with the red-tinted cloud of war in the background).



    What does everyone think Reynauld would do if he found out Dismas killed his wife and child?

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