Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Bounty Hunter


Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Bounty Hunter

Darkest Dungeon Presents series returns! Next week on August 22nd Darkest Dungeon’s first DLC The Crimson Court releases on PSN, and on August 24th Darkest Dungeon finds it’s way to iPad!

These comics tell the back story of the various classes the players can use in parties as they explore the dungeons around the Hamlet. Issue #10 features The Bounty Hunter.

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    I just read all of those episodes the day before yesterday and LOVED them. I wished for more and hoped to see a comic of every single hero. And now, only 2 days later, it continues, YAY!

    The story of this one was straight forward but cool 😉

    Keep up the good work!



    I love how this gives more questions than answers. We dont know “who” he is, we only know “what” he is. Unlike the leper we dont see a king donning a mask, we are introduced to the mask but are given no indication as to who or what lay beneath it.



    Perhaps not as intriguing as others (just personal opinion) but it perfectly shows what he is like.
    He is a professional bounty hunter to the bones. In Darkest Dungeon’s final boss fight, everyone has their own dialogue that shows their personality or desires when they get hit by “Come unto your Maker” except for bounty hunter. Reticent Hunter until the very end.



    We will truly on know one thing from this… we know… who shot first… Ba-Dum Tshh!!! eh? eh? eh?… /skulks away into the corner.

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