Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court Base Game Update

redhookjohn News

Greetings!  Along with the Crimson Court DLC launch, we have made a variety of improvements and updates to the core game, which will be available to all users.

Ok, straight up we know you want detailed patch notes.  We love making them.  But with everything going on around the DLC launch, we couldn’t bring ourselves to go back through every commit log from the past 5 months for the base game.  We might’ve forgotten some stuff.  Call us lazy, call us exhausted.  We’re sorry, and we love you.

  • Character class balancing and adjustments! Highlights include Crusader’s Bulwark of Faith, Highwayman’s Tracking Shot and Open Vein, Bounty Hunter’s Hook and Slice (Now, Caltrops!), Leper’s Intimidate, and maybe the biggest of all: Occultist’s Wyrd Reconstruction (now usable in any rank!).
  • Comprehensive trinket re-balancing: you’ll notice not only stat changes, but rarity/tiering changes as well for some trinkets. Thanks to Maester Silvio for his contributions!
  • Added Horror (Stress DOT) to a few monsters sprinkled around the dungeons…
  • Added Laudanum -a powerful tonic to combat Horror, available at a Provisioner near you.
  • Revised improper quest rewards for Cove boss quests to give higher rewards.
  • Inexplicably, you can now enter the dungeon with less than a full party. We advise against it!
  • New Affliction act-outs! Experience the mayhem and tomfoolery of characters attacking each other and sometimes rarely even forcing a retreat! (Don’t hate us too much.)
  • High torchlight levels now properly grant dodge bonus to heroes.
  • Combat skill tooltip optimization
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Soundtrack: We have updated the Soundtrack to include all new tracks from the Crimson Court at no charge. Thanks to our composer, Stuart Chatwood, for this! If you haven’t purchased the Soundtrack, get on that!

Modding / Steam Workshop: Due to extensive rework involved in creating the DLC, some file structures have changed which will break some mods until the creators have a chance to revise. Sincere apologies! We were unable to get all of the information out ahead of time, but stand by to assist mod creators in understanding the changes.


Your support of Darkest Dungeon has been integral to our continued success, and we at Red Hook wanted to thank you from the bottom of our black hearts. We hope you’ll consider picking up the Crimson Court DLC, and experience all the new horrors we’ve cooked up, along with the Flagellant playable hero, and the new Districts Hamlet upgrade system. We’re passionate about our game, and are excited to continue to support and expand it even further!