Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Grave Robber

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Darkest Dungeon releases on the Playstation 4 and Playstation VITA this September 27th. To celebrate, we are releasing another issue of our Darkest Dungeon Presents comic series. These comics tell the back story of the various classes the players can use in parties as they explore the dungeons around the Hamlet. Issue #7 features The Grave Robber.

Everything Burns

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[Pre-Release Access until May 19th] In today’s update, we’re thrilled to be adding over 40 different Town Events to the Hamlet.  Upon returning from a quest, you may find things are not as you left them! This update will release in the main branch on Thursday, May 19th on all storefronts (Steam, GOG, and Mac App Store.). However, if you …

Linux Release, Town Events Update, PlayStation, and More!

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  LINUX! We are happy to announce that Linux is officially out as a supported platform! Earlier this month we put out a beta version of the Linux build and with the help of our community members we’ve addressed all the major issues and feel confident in the current stability of the build to give it a wide release. We …

The ‘March Update’ Update

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As February wraps up, our internal discussions have been centered around the overall scope of the planned March 8th update, as well as the feedback we’ve been receiving from the community over the past few weeks.  Based on those discussions, we’ve made some changes to our plans.

Q & A With The Collector Designer: Ryan Cleven

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Since it’s calmed down after our official release, I wanted to share a short Q&A I did with Kickstarter Backer and Collector Designer Ryan Cleven, which was done before our full release. Ryan pledged to our Kickstarter at the Baron Tier, which invited him to design a monster for the game. The Collector is a wandering boss that haunts adventurers …

Post Release Update and Short Term Road Map

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Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or secret gate J. R. R. Tolkien Darkest Dungeon has been out of Early Access now for almost two weeks and we wanted to take a moment and share some of our excitement over the coverage we’ve received as well as give all our players an update on what to expect …

Official Release Trailer

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Go to hell. With release looming just 24 hours away, we wanted to share our Official Release Trailer. Are you ready to march towards the gates of hell and extinguish the eldritch who lie in wait deep down in the Darkest Dungeon? Prepare yourself for the Darkest Dungeon out tomorrow at 10am, January 19th, 2016.

Ancestral Bestowment

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Ever since we released Darkest Dungeon on Steam Early Access last February, our team has been continuously astounded and humbled by the unceasing enthusiasm shown by the Twitch community. To celebrate our exit out of Early Access and the release of the full game on PC/MAC, we wanted to give something back to everyone who’s streamed our game.

Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Arbalest

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Darkest Dungeon Presents is a comic series that tells the half-remembered horrors of each of the playable character classes in the game. Issue #5 features The Arbalest.