Kickstarter and Steam!

February 10th, our Kickstarter Campaign goes live!

We'll have a new trailer that gives you some backstory on the gameworld, as well as some actual gameplay footage, screenshots and additional information about the game systems - including a preview of the Town!

The new trailer has been dubbed "The House of Ruin", and will feature Wayne June reprising his role as the narrator, and Stuart Chatwood bringing the business with an epic score.

As the campaign progresses, we'll have developer video updates, a livestream of a new class reveal, OST preview, and much more.

If you're in the know, and following the game at all, the best thing you can do to help is back us early.  A strong first push on Kickstarter is usually integral to the campaign's overall success and will really have a huge impact on our day 1 showing.

Oh yeah, and we're approved to distribute on Steam, too.  So, there's that.

More to come soon!




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