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Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Bounty Hunter

Darkest Dungeon Presents series returns! Next week on August 22nd Darkest Dungeon’s first DLC The Crimson Court releases on PSN, and on August 24th Darkest Dungeon finds it’s way to iPad! These comics tell the back story of the various […]


Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court DLC

“THE BLOOD…I MUST HAVE THE BLOOD!” Darkest Dungeon®: The Crimson Court is the first expansion for the award-winning grim and gothic RPG by Red Hook Studios. The Crimson Court is a parallel campaign experienced alongside the main Darkest Dungeon content […]


Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court Base Game Update

Greetings!  Along with the Crimson Court DLC launch, we have made a variety of improvements and updates to the core game, which will be available to all users. Ok, straight up we know you want detailed patch notes.  We love […]


Crimson Court Release Information

“That we are capable only of being what we are remains our unforgivable sin.” ― Gene Wolfe Gird yourselves for a bloody campaign against the mist-shrouded menaces that lurk behind the Courtyard gate. Darkest Dungeon’s first expansion, The Crimson Court, […]


Crimson Court Store Page is Live!

We’ve been hard at work on Crimson Court, but have some new details we’d like to share with you all. 


Steam Workshop Release

Today marks the release of Steam Workshop support for Darkest Dungeon! We’ve always wanted to support mods for Darkest Dungeon, and going back to the Kickstarter, we listed it as a stretch goal. Though at the time we didn’t reach […]


If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.

“No matter how much you think you love somebody, you’ll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close.” -Chuck Palahniuk We know there’s been questions swirling around the upcoming DLC:The Crimson Court, and today we wanted […]


Radiant Update Public Beta

Build #17314 –  RADIANT UPDATE Overview: This update was built around two major pillars: Radiant Mode: Radiant Mode is a version of the game that is intended to take less time overall to complete than normal (“Darkest”) mode. The mode is […]


Radiant Update – Community Survey and the Swine Skiver

It’s February! The Radiant Update is shaping up quite nicely and it’s time to introduce the final champion monster: The Swine Skiver The porcine horrors of the Warrens delight in the manic cruelty of the hunt. There is no finer […]


Radiant Update – The Hateful Virago

The Hateful Virago is the new champion monster that will appear in the Weald. You might have seen her on our Facebook and Twitter, but today we wanted to make sure she will be seen by all those who come […]