All the Past Livestreams You Could Ever Want


All the Past Livestreams You Could Ever Want

With Twitch now having an expiration date on all streams, Cadogan and I thought it a good idea to download all the past livestreams and reupload them to YouTube for the folks who happened to miss some interesting videos on Darkest Dungeon development. Cadogan has put quite a bit of work into this and it’s close enough to being complete that I’m comfortable making it public. So if you have missed any updates or if you just want to go back and hear all the witty banter with the devs, here’s your chance.

Note that a couple streams might be missing and not all the videos have been renamed properly and some content might just be missing.

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    Chuckles the Jester

    GOOD, good idea, I commend this effort. I also find it easier to skip around in a Youtube video than in an archived Twitch stream.

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    GOOD, good idea, I commend this effort. I also find it easier to skip around in a Youtube video than in an archived Twitch stream.

    Thanks! The reason I suggested this to SneakyPie was that I had noticed requests for the streams on the forums. As he had a YouTube channel up and as I had most of the material already sitting on my harddrive, I went ahead and uploaded, edited and commented them and the result is what you see now.

    However, I also made a playlist in chronological order which for some reason was not enabled, but I’ve corrected that now. Also, the videos not “renamed properly” was actually in the process of being edited and were obviously not meant to be made public. I have removed them for now. Those videos were part of a stream that was divided into several small parts due to technical difficulties.

    Currently there are to my knowledge 3 streams missing from the collection:

    – This was the one I was in the process of editing and it’s not even certain the end result would be worth it. However, if there is a demand for it I might get back to work on that one.

    – The one in which Chris draws a “Necromancer Boss” is also missing. Can’t find a complete version on my harddrive, so if anyone has that stream downloaded in 720p, please let me know so it can be added to the channel.

    – Lastly, there was a recent one that was quickly removed from Twitch and might need some editing. If anyone has it downloaded, please let me know and I will do any edit work needed in order to make it ok for public viewing.

    Thanks again for your kind words Chuckles, it did take considerable work and time getting all of them there, but I felt it important as many fans might have missed the streams.





    I’ve just started watching all past livestreams in my free time, it’s so much more convenient to use YouTube than Twitch. Great job guys, you’re awesome.



    It was a pretty good idea indeed, i’m watching all the past streams and its pretty sweet, thanks guys.

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